[SL002] SlowLife – We All Are Fra!

slowlifeArtists: SlowLife
We All Are Fra!
12″ Vinyl


Q&A with SlowLife:

1) Do you want to tell us how’ s born SlowLife project?
Is born from the desire of six friends to share their vision of music and life, SlowLife is a platform where, through our vinyl releases and djset, we want to express our music concept.

2) Why SlowLife?
SlowLife is a life concept we have in common: a relaxed lifestyle, slightly out of our modern system lifestyle, where you can have time to dedicate for your passions.

3) What about the sound?
We like to consider the almost entirety of the dance musical spectrum, either than genre, keeping a constant line through house, deep house, techno, ambient, funk, soul, ecc.

4) Projects for the future?
With the first record out, and the second on press, we are focused on material about the label, future vinyl releases and a label project of showcase party.

5) Can you tell us about last SlowLife002 release?
The second opera of machineman S. Moreira, master of african percussion, bring us to a path of deep sound and atmosphere who remainds deep house, going from most insistent to more relaxed and emotional rhythms

The “family” collective is made up of:
Laurine, Mayto, Dj Tree, Cecilio, Sergio, Pepe

SlowLife Soundcloud
SlowLife Facebook
SlowLife Discogs

Thanks to Nicco


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