[HJP73] Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Blue


Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Blue
Label: Honest Jons Records
Catalog#: HJP73
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London
Released: 2013


Meditative, absorbing dance music in true Moritz style — at times seemingly transfixed by its own elements, and minimal almost to vanishing-point, but quickly back ticking, kicking and amassing, with the lethal dubwise density of the classic Berlin sound. Twelve minutes long, trenchant and forbidding but sharply alive, the dub itself is a kind of deep Fort-Da gambit which scoops your brain out for a quick sluice, before replacing it slightly skewiff. Dont drop your guard because of the Tresor.

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[TRESOR262] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland

[TRESOR262A] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 1/3
[TRESOR262B] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 2/3
[TRESOR262C] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 3/3
12″ Vinyl

[TRESOR262A] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 1/3
A. Electric Garden (Original Mix)
B. Electric Garden (Deep Jazz In The Garden Mix)

[TRESOR262B] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 2/3
A. Footprints
B. Mars Garden

[TRESOR262C] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 3/3
A. Digital Forest
B1. Treehouse
B2. Afterlude

*After more than two decades of behind the scenes collaboration Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland – their debut collaborative album to be released this summer on Tresor Records.
*The album – made up of 8 sequences, which seamlessly blend the styles of both masters – was recorded at the beginning of 2013 over various studio sessions in Berlin and will be released as a series of three 12″s and a CD album.
*Limited to 500 units, pressed on heavy vinyl and packed in hefty sleeves, Electric Garden is the main recurring theme in Borderland, developed on this first EP in two different mixes.

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[RORA004] Various Artists – VON 5 BIS 12 UHR LP

RORAArtists & Title: Stab9, Cally, Sepp & Dave – VON 5 BIS 12 UHR LP
Catalogue#: RORA004
Date: Jan. 2013
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl
Country: Geneva, Switzerland

Sepp – Tanbladruis

2. Cally – Ar No

3. Dave – Lose It

4. Sepp – Mimoza Bufet

5. Cally – Mero

6. Stab9 – Halcyon

Vinyl Only! Rora did it again and presents an outstanding masterpiece of music! More than 65 min playtime. No need for more words. Be fast to get one of this classic and timeless piece of art.

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[HJRCD/LP67] Mortiz Von Oswald Trio – Fetch

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Fetch
Label: Honest Jons Records
Catalog#: HJRCD/LP67
Format: 12″ Vinyl, CD, Album
Country: London
Released: 18 June 2012

1. Jam
2. Dark
3. Club
4. Yangissa

The Moritz Von Oswald Trio operates at the bleeding edges where musical lineages collide. Feeling for the shared heartbeat that pulses through dub, techno and jazz, it seeks out points of contact before exploding them outward into hypnotic explorations of rhythm, texture and tone. After two previous studio albums and one live album through Honest Jon’s, the Trio — Moritz von Oswald, Max Loderbauer (NSI / Sun Electric) and Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay / Luomo) — returns with Fetch, their most fully‐realized voyage yet into these in‐between worlds.

At once umbilically connected to and completely distinct from all the musics that they draw from, the Trio’s subliminal musings on the connections between musical forms are expressed by Fetch as a series of beguiling contradictions. Rigid vs. fluid; playful vs. deadly serious; machine vs. human; sensual vs. austere: all of these seemingly opposing forces are allowed to intermingle across four longform tracks, sometimes played off against one another, occasionally brought together in tense unison before springing apart once again. This is crackling, charged music — electronica performed live, the players’ neural impulses flowing into their instruments. Fetch further cements the Moritz Von Oswald Trio’s status as a unique voice in modern electronic music — as supple, intuitive and alive as the most exploratory of jazz.

Recorded in August 2011, Fetch finds von Oswald, Loderbauer and Ripatti in a darker and more driving mood than on previous albums. Joined by ECM’s Marc Muellbauer on bass (from second album Horizontal Structures) and Tobias Freund (for the first time since debut Vertical Ascent), to add live effects in real time, they laid down the foundations swiftly, with the entire recording completed in around four hours. Later, instrumental overdubs were added by Jonas Schoen (flute, bass clarinet, saxophone) and trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky.

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