[U_STRETCH04] Volkan Akin – Voltage

ustretch04Volkan Akin – Voltage
Label: Ultrastretch
Catalog#: U_STRETCH04
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ger
Released: 2013

Voltage Original
Volkan`s Constant Mix
B1: Villalobos AC/DC Rmx

After sides from Matthew Burton, Seuil and Albert Schwartz, Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch label returns in 2013 with Volkan Akin. A regular presence at Berlin institutions like Club der Visionäre, Akin has been slowly rolling out his brand of prickly, spaced-out club tracks since the end of the last decade, both under his own name and as V For Volkan. But if Volkan Akin has up until now been unfamiliar beyond Germany, his Ultrastretch debut, Voltage, featuring an absolute beast of a Ricardo Villalobos remix, stands to turn more than a few heads in his direction.

Densely packed and intricately constructed, “Voltage” is an extended groove you can get lost in. Cymbals ring softly amidst whirrs of faintly melodic clicks, scratches and voices. But at the center of Akin’s churning, percussive arrangement lies a warm and weighty kick sure to keep dancers pinned to the floor. Like so many great Perlon records, “Voltage” can be taken as a deeply considered exercise in sound design or as a deadly club track simultaneously, with Akin’s musical sophistication and knack for an inviting beat working hand-in-hand. The original mix spends over 11 minutes unraveling, but as you fall further into the swirl of Akin’s interlocking rhythms, you’re likely to stop counting. A shorter “Constant Voltage Mix” evokes sunrise, pulling back the original’s heft to reveal gorgeous pads and hints of organic rhythm.
Ricardo Villalobos, Sammy’s longtime label mate at Perlon and a producer who likely needs no introduction, digs deeper into the thump at the heart of “Voltage” on his “ACDC Remix.” Focusing on the original’s wisps of melody, Villalobos turns in a warm, zoned-in remix that feels of a piece with the singular techno trips found on his recent LP Dependent and Happy.

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