320KB | DDA Mastering (Full Analog Audio Mastering Studio)

Sei un produttore di musica elettronica? Hai uno studio di registrazione e non sai dove masterizzare i lavori che produci? DDA Mastering potrebbe essere quello che stavi cercando. Questo servizio on-line, curato in prima persona da Enrico Mantini, è a disposizione di tutti gli artisti, etichette e studi di registrazione che richiedono mastering in alta qualità a prezzi ragionevoli.

Lo studio è equipaggiato esclusivamente con hardware anni ’90. Non vengono rivelate troppe informazioni specifiche, ma compressori analogici, limiter multi-banda ed equalizzatori, grazie all’esperienza di Enrico, sapranno dare alla tua musica proprio quel suono caldo che stai cercando.

Qui sotto abbiamo selezionato alcuni esempi:

“Upon request I can record the source material on tape to add that kind of extra ’Magic’ to Your Tracks. Both wheel to wheel tape or cassette technologies are available in the studio, spanning from a cleaner tape tone to a gentle dirtiness.” 

Come molti sanno Enrico Mantini è da sempre un appassionato di campionatori e campionamenti. Sono sicuramente meno coloro che conoscono le librerie che sta rilasciando nella sua pagina Bandcamp. Il materiale è quello originale, archiviato dal 1988 fino ad oggi, presente in molte delle sue uscite in vinile. Se anche tu sei ‘fuori’ come noi per questa arte, allora ti invitiamo a provare queste chicche dentro al tuo campionatore.

MPC Treasure Seekerz •
• MPC Drum Computers •
• MPC ER-1 Electribe •
• MPC Bass Synthesis •

Divertimento assicurato.

320KB | Enrico Mantini & Nudge “MPC Ghosts” VNCBRG006

Bologna’s duo NUDGE brings back to life some ‘ghosts’ from Enrico Mantini’s MPC1000 which got lost in memory since 2012. All tracks written by Enrico Mantini in 2012. Produced and arranged by Nudge in 2018. Mixed and mastered @ DDA Mastering.

Published by: Veniceberg Records




[PhoenixG051] Mr. G – Remote Viewing EP

mrgArtists & Title: Mr. G – Remote Viewing EP
Label: Phoenix G
Catalogue#: PhoenixG051
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //

Newmerique (Mango Boys Sunday Dub)  
Mac (Daddy) R.I.P (Mango Boys Hurting Dub)  
 Tollgate PO (Mango Boys Red Eye Mix)

Crafty, effective, big room DJ tool House

[HY011] Nail – Esperance’ EP

nailArtists & TitleNail – Esperance’ EP
Label: Hold Youth
Catalogue#: HY011
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris


Riding on the back of a surge of interest in De La Club, the debut LP from Hold Youth, comes a smartly picked repress of House don Nail.
While the duo is known for their eclectic vision of dance music, the first repress on the label I’ve Been There EP is in fact an exemplary example of straight-up, no-fuss House. Enjoying a modest comeback of late both as a producer and DJ, Nail originally released Full of Beestone Promise EP on DIY Discs in ’97. The stronger two of the four tracks will be repressed one on each side, ‘Our Love’ and ‘I’ve Been There’, distinctive for its melodic vocal and recent inclusion in the Apollonia fabric 70 compilation.
While we have become accustomed to Hold Youth’s diversification of sounds with the current LP, I’ve Been There reminds us that a pigeon-holable classic can be highly refreshing.
Special Specifications
All Tracks written and produced by Nail
P&C Hold Youth 2014

[TT002] John Dimas – Life On Mars EP

ttJohn Dimas – Life On Mars EP
Label: Taverna Tracks
Catalog#: TT002
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 2014


Taverna Tracks 002


[SFT003] Roberto Clementi – Start Not Straight (incl. Steve O’ Sullivan’s Bluetrain slow Dub remix)

sft003Roberto Clementi – Start Not Straight (incl. Steve O’ Sullivan’s Bluetrain slow Dub remix)
Sorry For This!
Catalog#: SFT003
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Italy
Released: 2014



For it’s third release, Sorry For This Records welcomes Italian innovator Roberto Clementi to its stables, providing two lush cuts of deep techno and then invites Steve O’Sullivan to slow things down a little…
First up Clementi bring us Sedate Love, a throbbing club cruiser with a constantly evolving groovebox. Organically morphing pad play and analog percussion punctuate the rhythm stylistically whilst Roberto underpins the entire track with a thunderous, grooving sub bass! Whereas Start Not Straight, Clementi’s second offering is a thumping analog techno behemoth, underlaid rhythmically by bubbling acidic synthesis and resonant pad stabs.
Finally 90s UK dub techno legend Steve O’Sullivan once again breaks out the tape echo and dons his Bluetrain alias for a special ultra minimalistic dub version of Start Not Straight keeping the beats slow and the subs pitched even lower! Steve slowly releases heady passages of spoken word whilst giving the feedback on his delay unit a real workout! Real after hours stuff!

[CRAY01] Mark Ambrose – Tracks From The Vaults Vol .1


Mark Ambrose – Tracks From The Vaults Vol .1
Label: Crayon
Catalog#: CRAY01
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 2014


Mark Ambrose
Tracks from the Vaults Vol.1 clips
4 track ep with 2 re-released and 2 un-released tracks from 1997
out on vinyl now.!

[NDATL011] Brett Dancer – The Hybrid EP

brettArtists & Title: Brett Dancer – The Hybrid EP
Label: NDATL Muzik
Catalogue#: NDATL011
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //

Fine smooth Detroit House jams

[MOSAICRED01] Mosaic Red Label Vol.1 – Ben Sims: Mid-Life ‘Dubs’


Artists & TitleBen Sims: Mid-Life ‘Dubs’
Label: Mosaic Red Label
Catalogue#: MOSAICRED01
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //


Although known for its more deep and dubbed out vibes Mosaic lovers will be aware that there has always been a home for more straight-up techno on the label.
We are happy to announce that this September a limited edition series of 12″s focussing exclusively on main room techno joints will be launched: Mosaic Red Label.
Volume 1 of the series sees legendary UK hardgroove techno Don, Ben Sims, return to the Mosaic camp after almost 13 years with two tasty slices of quality machine driven funk that are guaranteed to get yer feet and hips moving.
This release will be pressed on limited edition 180g white vinyl in a special collectors edition sleeve and distributed by juno.co.uk. Released 15 September.