320KB | DDA Mastering (Full Analog Audio Mastering Studio)

Sei un produttore di musica elettronica? Hai uno studio di registrazione e non sai dove masterizzare i lavori che produci? DDA Mastering potrebbe essere quello che stavi cercando. Questo servizio on-line, curato in prima persona da Enrico Mantini, è a disposizione di tutti gli artisti, etichette e studi di registrazione che richiedono mastering in alta qualità a prezzi ragionevoli.

Lo studio è equipaggiato esclusivamente con hardware anni ’90. Non vengono rivelate troppe informazioni specifiche, ma compressori analogici, limiter multi-banda ed equalizzatori, grazie all’esperienza di Enrico, sapranno dare alla tua musica proprio quel suono caldo che stai cercando.

Qui sotto abbiamo selezionato alcuni esempi:

“Upon request I can record the source material on tape to add that kind of extra ’Magic’ to Your Tracks. Both wheel to wheel tape or cassette technologies are available in the studio, spanning from a cleaner tape tone to a gentle dirtiness.” 

Come molti sanno Enrico Mantini è da sempre un appassionato di campionatori e campionamenti. Sono sicuramente meno coloro che conoscono le librerie che sta rilasciando nella sua pagina Bandcamp. Il materiale è quello originale, archiviato dal 1988 fino ad oggi, presente in molte delle sue uscite in vinile. Se anche tu sei ‘fuori’ come noi per questa arte, allora ti invitiamo a provare queste chicche dentro al tuo campionatore.

MPC Treasure Seekerz •
• MPC Drum Computers •
• MPC ER-1 Electribe •
• MPC Bass Synthesis •

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[STUDIOR°001] Fred P. / Eric Cloutier / Anton Kubikov / Korablove – 001

roFred P. / Eric Cloutier / Anton Kubikov / Korablove – 001
Label: Studio r°
Catalog#: STUDIOR°001
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Berlin
Released: 2013


The first EP presents New York-raised but now Berlin-based Fred P, who shares the A-side with another recent New York-to-Berlin transplant, Eric Cloutier, here making his awaited production debut on vinyl. For the B-side, Moscow is in the spotlight with offerings from well-regarded Russian talents Anton Kubikov and Korablove. It’s a perfect type of deep for summer 2013.
Mastering by Stefan Betke (Scape Mastering).


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[TCS001] TC Studio/Onur Özer – Prolog EP


TC Studio / Onur Özer – Prolog EP
Catalog#: TCS001
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl
Country: Ro
Released: 2013

TC Studio / Onur Özer – Untouched
B. TC Studio / Onur Özer – Totem
C. TC Studio / Onur Özer – Lapona
D. TC Studio / Onur Özer – Hotel Pelican

TC Studio are Matei Tulbure and Traian Chereches and they have been around for a while. their odyssey started a few years ago and since, they have released on labels such as Archipel, All in or Neo Strictly. naturally they came to the conclusion that their own imprint is necessary and perhaps quite expected. bearing their project name the label sets out to be an outpost for their work and posssibly other’s. Prolog is the first release presenting 4 tracks on 2 vinyls. 3 of the four track are collaborations between Traian Chereches, Matei Tulbure and Onur Ozer.

Untouched is clearly intended for the dancefloor. mystery is flowing all over, the kicks and claps keep you moving while the bassline keeps you waiting. on the other side Totem seems to be mare playfull, piano lines conspire with subtle voices to achieve a childish yet serious atmosphere. Lapona is yet another percusssive bomb. crowded with background voices and crazy synths this is guaranteed to make you move. Hotel pelican is the darkest of the pack by far. creepy sounds keeep lurching around the corner making it impossible to tell where you are. abandoned factory, secret lab or maybe just tc’s imagination.

180gr gatefold double lp.

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[AIBLACK012] TC Studio – Lips Break EP

allinnArtists & TitleTC Studio – Lips Break EP
AllInn Black
Catalogue#: AIBLACK012
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ro


VINYL ONLY, LIMITED COPIES The romanian duo; TC Studio rolls the second blast on All Inn Black series. The real heavyweight monster “Point Break” makes a perfect marriage with the soulful singer “Lips”. This material is good as hell. Unmissable!

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NoRules Limited #2 – Tulbure (TC Studio, Strictly Chosen, All Inn)

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: NoRules Limited #2 – Tulbure (TC Studio, Strictly Chosen, All Inn)
Profile: NoRules_Limited
Date: 4 Sept 2012
Time: 1:50:56

More on TC Studio:
Soundcloud / Resident Advisor / Facebook Page

More on NoRules: Here

[BECH015] 5 Years of Be Chosen Records

 5 Years of Be Chosen Records
Be Chosen Records
12″ Vinyl, Compilation
Jul 2012

Sascha Dive – Out Of The Dark Into the Light

 Sascha Dive – Out Of The Dark Into the Light (TC Studio Remix)
Julien Bracht – The Duke

Part2 of the 5 year Be Chosen Compilation is nearly prepared …
This time we present Sascha Dive, Julien Bracht and also our friends vom Bukarest “TC Studio” to deliver a proper BDAY gift.
We say thanks for this great high quality release which we will serve end of July 2012.

[PNR001] Petre Inspirescu ‎– Un Livret De Duminica

Petre Inspirescu ‎– Un Livret De Duminica
Label: Pluie/Noir Recordings
Catalog#: PNR001
Format: Vinyl, Limited Edition
Country: Portugal
Released: 27 Jun 2012
Site: Pluie/Noir

Un Livret De Duminica

B. Synth Society

Pluie/Noir has been pushing the boundaries between the worlds of music and graphic art. Slowly gaining reputation with their already respectable podcast series of music and triptych artwork interpretations, their debut as a vinyl-only imprint comes nothing short of daze. Signed by no other than Romanian tour-de-force Petre Inspirescu, this EP delivers two quite distinct yet wonderfully immersive moments of pure bliss and incredible production forte. Un Livret de Duminica strikes somehow familiar to his musical adventures as TT Ensemble out on his own Yojik-Concon, and re-imagines it in a different yet dreamy setting where classic music once again bends with the finest micro-house grooves. Synth Society draws the listener away from the skyline and lands him inside a giant modular system. Here the hooks are on the addicting bassline and the unsettling sense of room space on all frequencies of modular sounds he used, proving that Petre is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and provocative music writters/producers around. Artwork was drawn by talented fine-arts student and music producer Traian Chereches (TC Studio), member of the P/N Artist Collective. Definitely a great start for the imprint, and a mere glimpse of whats coming next

Distributed By – Intergroove
Printed By – Handle With Care
Copyright (c) – Pluie/Noir Recordings
Artwork – Traian Chereches
Design – Max Binski
Producer – Petre Inspirescu

[MM012] Conrad Schnitzler – Zug (Reshaped And Remodeled)

Conrad Schnitzler – Zug (Reshaped And Remodeled by Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer)

Label: M=Minimal
Catalog#: MM-012
Format: Vinyl, 12″ – Cd, Album
Country: Germania
Released: 14 Mag 2012

Vinyl Tracklist:
Zug – Aktion Mix [19:21]

Zug – Sorgenkind Mix [14:09]

Cd Tracklist:
Zug – Aktion Mix

Zug – Sorgenkind Mix

3. Zug – Reshaped By Pole

Zug – Remixed By Borngräber & Strüver

5. Zug – Cassette Concert by Gen Ken Montgomery

All music composed by Conrad Schnitzler ‐ Ricardo Villalobos ‐ Max Loderbauer
published by Studio.Wannsee / flowing.de
Original mastering: Loderbauer & Villalobos ‐ CD mastering: Studio.Wannsee
Pole Mix mastered by Kassian Troyer ‐ borngräber & strüver Mix mastered by Pole @ Scape mastering
Cover artwork: Christian Borngräber ‐ Cover photography: Jens Strüver

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