[ES035] Miruga – Mixed Illusion / Lake Reflection

mirugaMiruga – Mixed Illusion / Lake Reflection
 Ethereal Sound
Catalog#: ES035
Format: Vinyl
Country: Russia
Re leased: 2014


new miruga ep upcoming! talented producer from japan

[LSR012] Thorsteinssøn – Legendary Sound Research 012

lsr012Thorsteinssøn – Legendary Sound Research 012
Label: Legendary Sound Research
Catalog#: LSR012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //
Released: 2013


Out Soon via Legendary Sound Research 2013
LSR012 – 4 track 12″

Get your copy soon!

[EAS002] Massimo Di Lena – Hardlife

massidlMassimo Di Lena – Hardlife
Label: Early Sound Recordings
Catalog#: EAS002
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Naples
Released:  2013


The long overdue follow-up of Early Sounds 001! This time a solo project of the talented Massimo Di Lena, delivering four original and hard-rocking analogue house/techno hybrids. Tip!

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FSOB 16 – Alin Crihan

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: FSOB 16 – Alin Crihan
Profile: Futere Sound
Date: 25 Oct. 2012
Time: 01:36:16

“After a short but invigorating break futere sounds come back atcha with a new exclusive mix. It’s Alin Crihan’s time to show us what he’s got, and he’s got more than a few tracks mixed together. He’s actually one of the new producers to watch, he’s releasing nice music in his own name or using his Aeromaschine moniker, and last but not least he now lives in Bucharest. He really got us convinced! “

Dandy Jack, Sonja Moonear, Francesco Del Garda @ Link Associated – Bologna (IT)

Date: 5 Oct. 2012
Link Associated – Via Fantoni, 21 Bologna (IT)
from 11.30PM


DANDY JACK Live (Cadenza Records, Perlon)
SONJA MOONEAR (Ruta 5, Perlon)

Partnership: LED X, Peacock Eventi, La Malvagio inc., Playgarden, Revolver, 320KB, Republic Sound.

[ES023] Miruga – Human Tube EP

 Miruga – Human Tube EP
 Ethereal Sound
Catalog#: [ES023]
Format: 10″ Vinyl
Country: Russia
Re leased: 30 June 2012

Human Tube

This Side Of Sunshine

Yoshiki Tsuchiya aka Miruga offering 2 deep numbers. Put the needle on the record when the song beats go like this.

Buy on Juno.co.uk
Ethereal Sound: Web // Soundcloud
Miruga: Soundcloud


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[LCL09] Cristi Cons – In Sectiuni

Cristi Cons – In Sectiuni

Label: Local Records – LCL09
Formato: .Mp3
Country: RO
Released: Ott 2011
Genere: Atmospherically Warm Sound
Stile: Techno, Ambient

Written, produced and mixed by Cristi Cons
Remix and mastering by Vlad Caia
Artwork by Claudiu Stefan
Supported by Burn Studios

Local Records è una free label, ascolta i loro lavori su LocalRecords.