[UGOLD1] Ion Ludwig ‎– SOS Tribute

Artists & Title:  Ion Ludwig ‎– SOS Tribute
Catalogue#: UGOLD1
Date: Sept 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //

1. Ion Ludwig – SOS Tribute
2. Ion Ludwig -C12Q
3. Ion Ludwig –Dubmaniac Jazznology

Vinyl Only ! Very Strong, Sparkling Package Sos Tribute: It S A Livejam, Has Some Dub Elements, Being Laid Back, But Theres Pretty Much Going On There, At One Hand Floating, But Still Demanding.. Great Atmosphere! C12q Good Mood, Uplifiting In A Subtle Manner. Dubmaniac Jazznology: Strong, Powerful Beat, Very Present And Intense, Still Relaxing Though ..very Looking Forward To The Next Releases On This Label..

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