[KW014] Myles Sergé – The Awakening E.P.

(MS)Artists: Myles Sergé
Title: The Awakening E.P.
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Knotweed Records
Cat.: KW014
Release: 2014


Deep, moody, yet powerful techno from the Reclusive Perfectionist.
We already had the chance to have Myles on board two years ago, when he delivered the techno-heavy Tarifa E.P. (Knotweed 007).
This time Myles come up with two deeper, slower, moodier minimalistic tracks, venturing in more house territory: ‘Red Eye to Bogota’ and ‘When I Meet God’. Both tracks go over 10 minutes during which Myles slowly tweaks the rhythmic elements, basslines and chords for your aural pleasure.
Myles also delivers a more stripped-down uptempo techno track that we love him for, ‘TransMilenio’: its full on repetitive bassline should for sure inflict some dancefloor damage.
Written and Produced by Myles Sergé
Mastered by Mathieu Berthet
Distribution: Syncrophone Paris
Expected Vinyl Release Date: 30 September 2014
A1 – Red Eye To Bogota (11:06)
A2 – TransMilenio (5:43)
B – When I Meet God (10:43)

[SPC01] Myles Serge – Nightwerks

Myles Serge – Nightwerks
Format: 12″ Vinyl, Limited
Released: 7 Jul 2012


Having made a more sizable leap to vinyl releases in the last couple of years, Myles Serge is spreading his wings from his 6one6 and Re(Form) labels to share his unique take on reduced techno. This release gets headed up by a Quantec remix first and foremost though, and what a remix it is. “Edurne’s Eyes” gets a suitably dubby treatment as you might expect, but there a strong pulse not normally associated with dub techno, not least once the snapping hats come in. Myles’ own “The Sort” is a strong slice of minimal techno with a Basic Channel kind of filtered ambience running through it. “Distance Cries” is an altogether jazzier affair, swinging heavily and replacing prominent beats with morsels of sound in an avant-garde funk.