[BPV002] Dubsons, Stab9 – BPV002

Artists & TitleDubsons, Stab9 – BPV002
Label: BodyParts Records
Catalogue#: BPV002
Date: Sept 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Moscow

Prime Time Side:
A1. Dubsons – Semi Luna
A2. Dubsons – In doi

Afterparty Side:
B1. Stab9 – Belover
B2. Stab9 – MTSN

The “Body Parts records” is Moscow based sub-label of the Deepology Digital family. Concentrating on non-commercial electronic music, we are bringing you true and finest sound of underground. The label associates are looking forward to streamline innovation with creativity through their future partnerships with both, new talents and proven underground artists, morphing music – making to a new level.

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