[FOFLTD10] Schatrax – MISTS

Schatrax – MISTS
Fear of Flying
12″ Vinyl
Released: Jul 2012


It might be quite obvious to some of you that follow our little label that we have a thing for Schatrax. Some would call it an obsession but we simply call it a crush. Lets face it, the man has made some of the most timeless deep house from these mighty shores that make up the British Isles – what\ s not to love? So, here he is again with \ Mists\ a track previously unreleased but unmistakably Schatrax. Submerged beats, a skippy groove and a simple effective riff are the essence of the track while \ Keep On Loving\ injects a glorious uplifting feel with a bouncing b-line and classic piano riff. Flipsides \ The Almighty\ keeps things deep whilst \ Aliena\ s Groove\ is one of Schatrax\ s signature tracks with it\ s haunting melancholic riff keeping the emotions high.


Lawrence – Timeless (CD mix – Cocoon Recordings)

Attraverso le decine di dischi e il suo ruolo centrale in Dial, etichetta di Amburgo, Lawrence ha contribuito a definire il suono deep house contemporaneo.

Il mese prossimo, esattamente il 22 Agosto, esce su Cocoon Recordings il suo primo CD mix ufficiale “Timeless”.

01. Lawrence – Floating
02. Melchior Productions – Zukunft in Englisch

03. Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Stacy Pullen – Forever Monna

04. Soul Capsule – Overcome

05. Smallpeople & Rau – Life Aquatic

06. Schatrax – Overcome

07. RVDS – Another Track

08. Morphosis – Silent Screamer

09. Aril Brikha – On & On

10. Delano Smith – My Life

11. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Ambo
12. Isolée – Thirteen Times An Hour

13. Pigon – Koto

14. Mike Dehnert – Beatmatching

15. Robert Hood – The Realm

16. Roman Flügel – Brian Le Bon

17. Plaid – OI