[RB040] Roman IV, Holy Garage – Split EP

romanivRoman IV, Holy Garage – Split EP
Running Back
Catalog#: RB040
Country: D
Released: 2013

1. Roman IV, Holy Garage – Happy
2. Roman IV, Holy Garage – Heaven Knows
3. Roman IV, Holy Garage – Diver Down

10 Inch Single With Limited Printed Sleeves
Three tracks long lost and forgotten in Roman Flgel’s vast DAT archive have now been unearthed and made available for the first time. Very much in tune with the on-going deep house fest, Roman F. shows that he has already been there 18 years ago. Roman IV sees the man all on his own and on the Jersey house tip via Frankfurt am Main. ”Happy” light-footed follows a piano heavy path led by a disco loop, while ”Heaven Knows” makes use of an angelic organ. ”Diver Down” is the second ever Holy Garage track (look up ”Surprise”) is a collaboration with Flgel’s old partner Jrn Elling Wuttke (Alter Ego, Sensorama, Acid Jesus) and some serious deep dubby house business. Wildpitchparadisegaragemusic! Housed in limited 10” super sleeves with happy paintings by Hamburg’s Chrossi.

Udopiya: Sundae & Katapult party #1 – Ricardo Villalobos & friends

Line up : Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Daniel Bell, Baby Ford, Cabanne, Alex & Laetitia Katapult, Céline, Roman Azzaro, Vadim Svoboda
Music :
Hisham – Free & Cheap
Title :  Sundae & Katapult party #1 – Ricardo Villalobos & friends

Lawrence – Timeless (CD mix – Cocoon Recordings)

Attraverso le decine di dischi e il suo ruolo centrale in Dial, etichetta di Amburgo, Lawrence ha contribuito a definire il suono deep house contemporaneo.

Il mese prossimo, esattamente il 22 Agosto, esce su Cocoon Recordings il suo primo CD mix ufficiale “Timeless”.

01. Lawrence – Floating
02. Melchior Productions – Zukunft in Englisch

03. Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Stacy Pullen – Forever Monna

04. Soul Capsule – Overcome

05. Smallpeople & Rau – Life Aquatic

06. Schatrax – Overcome

07. RVDS – Another Track

08. Morphosis – Silent Screamer

09. Aril Brikha – On & On

10. Delano Smith – My Life

11. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Ambo
12. Isolée – Thirteen Times An Hour

13. Pigon – Koto

14. Mike Dehnert – Beatmatching

15. Robert Hood – The Realm

16. Roman Flügel – Brian Le Bon

17. Plaid – OI