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————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- LIAM EBBS ” SIT DOWN SHOWRS” BWTL002 LIAM EBBS: Soundcloud • Discogs BLACK WATTLE: Bandcamp • Discogs ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- HANNA “FINGER OF LOVE” FLTD013 WARREN HARRIS aka HANNA: Discogs • Facebook • UZURI FLUMO Recordings: Discogs • Bandcamp • Facebook • flumo.com ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- DJ ROU & Lite Orkestra “123” (Seb Wildblood Remix) CR02 DJ ROU: Discogs • Facebook SEB WILDBLOOD: Discogs • Bandcamp • Facebook • RA • Soundcloud COGNITIVA Records: Discogs … Continua a leggere

[SMR014] DJ Qu – Raw 7

[OFFICE03] Christopher Rau ‎– Broke EP

Artists & Title: Christopher Rau ‎– Broke EP Label: Office Recordings Catalogue#: OFFICE03 Date: 2014 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Germany Tracklist: A1. Christopher Rau ‎– Mehris Groove B1. Christopher Rau ‎– Broke B2. Christopher Rau ‎– Im Sumpf Credits: Classy House EP

[3EEP201309] Filippo Blasi Foglietti – John Nixon Memorial EP

Artists & Title: Filippo Blasi Foglietti – John Nixon Memorial EP Label: Third Ear Recordings Catalogue#: 3EEP201309 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: UK Tracklist: Credits: Filippo Blasi Foglietti is another Third Ear find well worth checking. The John Nixon Memorial EP is trippy, dark, deep and grooving. There are four different grooves here, all of which can disconcert and disorientate. Perfect … Continua a leggere

[AMA013] RICK SANDERS – When It Rains EP

Artists & Title: RICK SANDERS – When It Rains EP Label: Ama Recordings Catalogue#: AMA013 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Tracklist: Rick Sanders – When It Rains Rick Sanders – Daydream Rick Sanders – Daydream (Federico Molinari Remix) Credits: Limited to 200 copies – incl Federico Molinari Remix – Ama Rec is Ray Okparas own imprint Get your copy!

[FOF024] Roger Gerressen – Liberal

Artists & Title: Roger Gerressen – Liberal Label: Fear Of Flying Recordings Catalogue#: FOF024 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: UK Tracklist: A. Liberal B1. Mint B2. Drunk Game Credits: Roger Gerressen switches to the main FOF label for his next release, ‘Liberal’ taking up the entirety of the A side with a killa’ groove resplendent with knife edged percussion and tripped … Continua a leggere

[EAS002] Massimo Di Lena – Hardlife

Massimo Di Lena – Hardlife Label: Early Sound Recordings Catalog#: EAS002 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: Naples Released:  2013 Tracklist: Credits: The long overdue follow-up of Early Sounds 001! This time a solo project of the talented Massimo Di Lena, delivering four original and hard-rocking analogue house/techno hybrids. Tip! Get your copy!

[FOF023] Vali Dobrogeanu – Drona

Artists & Title: Vali Dobrogeanu – Drona Label: Fear Of Flying Recordings Catalogue#: FOF023 Date: Feb. 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: UK Tracklist: Credits: More Romanian talent up next on Fear of Flying. ‘Drona’ mixes things up with a heavy breakbeat mixed with subtle melodic touches to give an ethereal quality whilst ‘Oan’ freshens up the vibe with a shuffling slice of … Continua a leggere

[FOFLTD11] Nail – Ode Rammel

Artists & Title: Nail – Ode Rammel Label: Fear Of Flying Recordings Catalogue#: FOFLTD11 Date: Feb. 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: UK Tracklist: Credits: Fear of Flying delve into 2013 with a look back to the past with this solid 4 tracker of tracks from Nottingham’s Nail. Originally released on the UK’s revered DIY Discs imprint all the tracks on this … Continua a leggere

[RH124LP] Jorge Velez – MMT Tape Series – Home Recordings 1996 – 1999 (2×12 LP)

Artists & Title: Jorge Velez – MMT Tape Series – Home Recordings 1996 – 1999 (2×12 LP) Label: Rush Hour Catalogue#: RH124LP Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 2×12″ Vinyl Country: Amsterdam Tracklist (Listen) 1. Jorge Velez – Luminous View 2. Jorge Velez – Assembly Line 3. Jorge Velez – Untitled 2.1 4. Jorge Velez – Number Two 5. Jorge Velez – Some Of Your Friends 6. Jorge … Continua a leggere