Masomenos (Adrien) live @ Ballroom , Oslo 21-12-2012 (HD)

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Line up : Masomenos (Adrien)
Title :  Masomenos (Adrien) live @ Ballroom , Oslo 21-12-2012 (HD)
Masomenos, is a productive partnership between Joan Costes, a graphic designer and DJ, and Adrien de Maublanc, a producer and sound engineer. They both clearly have a ball with ‘Welcome to Masomenos’ an audio-visual system they use to produce their spontaneous, lighthearted, psychedelic, no limits universe.

Livio & Roby (Desolat) @ The Villa (Oslo) , 05-10-2012 (HD)

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Line up : Livio & Roby
Title : Livio & Roby (Desolat) @ The Villa (Oslo) , 05-10-2012 (HD)
Credits: Livio & Roby are two Romanian producers and DJs. They met in 2004, found mutual connection in their musical taste and style and joined forces to become production and DJ partners. With a great understanding of dance music and exceptional production skills they were soon making and remixing tracks on a regular basis.
They played tonight @ The Villa. As usual they delivered good stuff & great vibes. Listen & Enjoy.

[OSLO0256] Sascha Dive – Move On

Artists & TitleSascha Dive – Move On
Label: Oslo Records
Catalogue#: OSLO0256
Date: Oct. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Mannheim

A. Sascha Dive – Jupiter
B. Sascha Dive – Move On

Sascha Dive appears with his first full length EP on Oslo, since his contribution Suburban Night for the 2010 label compilation Don’t Believe The Hype. Known as founder and creative head behind Deep Vibes Recordings, we are more than happy to present you his latest effort Move On, in form of this wonderful EP. he title track Move On on the A-side contains Sascha’s typical drum patterns. Its his unique and soulful art of making a track, that makes also this one special. The track begins with a relaxed, but groovy as hell house rhythm. After half of the track he added some funky marimbas to gain the dancefloor suitability. The name is program and the constantly emerging order ‘Move on’ is not just an advice. This one is the perfect weapon to start the night and make the people dance. f we flip the record and check the B-side, we will find Jupiter. This one is deeper, but surely not less attractive to the knowing people. Trippy sounds, a horroresque sound design and the deepest bassline heard this year, guide you through the house on the hill that Sascha built. Be careful with this one or you probably get lost, while you are dancing until dawn.

Get your copy!

Ricardo Villalobos @ Jæger (Oslo) , 07.09.2012

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Line up : Ricardo Villalobos
Title : Ricardo Villalobos @ Jæger (Oslo) , 07.09.2012 (HD)
Credits: Ricardo Villalobos playing @ Jæger (Oslo)
One of the best mix ever, it was a pleasure and a privilege listening to him this night.
The crowd was absolutely fantastic, very good vibes & nice soundsystem (Funktion one)