[GILE005] Onur Özer – Karadae EP

ozer2Onur Özer – Karadae EP
Label: Glilesku
Catalog#: GILE005
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Slo
Released: 2013

A. Karadae

B. By All Means

Gilesku Records is back with two eccentric minimalistic techno tracks delivered by Onur Ozer. Obviously heavily influenced by peak hours in the club, these tracks will serve their purpose right, providing a perfect hook to drive people further in a higher state of consciousness. By paying close attention to detail, he manages to provide music where he bravely paints fat techno sounds with minimalistic elements, layering them by unconventional noises in the background. A peak time material!

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[TCS001] TC Studio/Onur Özer – Prolog EP


TC Studio / Onur Özer – Prolog EP
Catalog#: TCS001
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl
Country: Ro
Released: 2013

TC Studio / Onur Özer – Untouched
B. TC Studio / Onur Özer – Totem
C. TC Studio / Onur Özer – Lapona
D. TC Studio / Onur Özer – Hotel Pelican

TC Studio are Matei Tulbure and Traian Chereches and they have been around for a while. their odyssey started a few years ago and since, they have released on labels such as Archipel, All in or Neo Strictly. naturally they came to the conclusion that their own imprint is necessary and perhaps quite expected. bearing their project name the label sets out to be an outpost for their work and posssibly other’s. Prolog is the first release presenting 4 tracks on 2 vinyls. 3 of the four track are collaborations between Traian Chereches, Matei Tulbure and Onur Ozer.

Untouched is clearly intended for the dancefloor. mystery is flowing all over, the kicks and claps keep you moving while the bassline keeps you waiting. on the other side Totem seems to be mare playfull, piano lines conspire with subtle voices to achieve a childish yet serious atmosphere. Lapona is yet another percusssive bomb. crowded with background voices and crazy synths this is guaranteed to make you move. Hotel pelican is the darkest of the pack by far. creepy sounds keeep lurching around the corner making it impossible to tell where you are. abandoned factory, secret lab or maybe just tc’s imagination.

180gr gatefold double lp.

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[ALLINN018] Onur Özer – Mormarch

onurOnur Özer – Mormarch
Label: All Inn Records
Catalog#: ALLINN018
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ro
Released: 2013


Vinyl Only, Limited Copies !!
Onur Özer is back! After a two years of silence returns on All Inn with his brand new EP, called Mormarch. Unique and pure minimalism, gently modulated atmospheres spiced with repetitive and playful dynamism. Perfect work

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Udopiya: Ricardo Villalobos, Onur Özer @ Robert Johnson (15.06.12)

Video Name: Ricardo Villalobos (intro) & Onur Ozer (1/4) @ Robert Johnson – 15.06.12 (Udopiya)

Artist: Ricardo Villalobos, Onur Ozer
Date: 15.06.2012
Country: Frankfurt
User: Udopiya
Platform: Youtube
Link: Udopiya FB / Udopiya YT / Robert Johnson /