[OSLO0256] Sascha Dive – Move On

Artists & TitleSascha Dive – Move On
Label: Oslo Records
Catalogue#: OSLO0256
Date: Oct. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Mannheim

A. Sascha Dive – Jupiter
B. Sascha Dive – Move On

Sascha Dive appears with his first full length EP on Oslo, since his contribution Suburban Night for the 2010 label compilation Don’t Believe The Hype. Known as founder and creative head behind Deep Vibes Recordings, we are more than happy to present you his latest effort Move On, in form of this wonderful EP. he title track Move On on the A-side contains Sascha’s typical drum patterns. Its his unique and soulful art of making a track, that makes also this one special. The track begins with a relaxed, but groovy as hell house rhythm. After half of the track he added some funky marimbas to gain the dancefloor suitability. The name is program and the constantly emerging order ‘Move on’ is not just an advice. This one is the perfect weapon to start the night and make the people dance. f we flip the record and check the B-side, we will find Jupiter. This one is deeper, but surely not less attractive to the knowing people. Trippy sounds, a horroresque sound design and the deepest bassline heard this year, guide you through the house on the hill that Sascha built. Be careful with this one or you probably get lost, while you are dancing until dawn.

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[CORCD/LP031] Daniel Stefanik – Confidence

Daniel Stefanik – Confidence
Cocoon Recordings
Artists: Daniel Stefanik
Catalog#: CORDCD/LP031
Format: 12″ Vinyl / CD Album
Country: DE
Released: Sept 2012

Daniel Stefanik – Entrance
2. Daniel Stefanik – Light On
3. Daniel Stefanik – 1996
4. Daniel Stefanik – Port Of Transition
5. Daniel Stefanik – Distillery
6. Daniel Stefanik – Bend The Rules
7. Daniel Stefanik – Dazed And Confused
8. Daniel Stefanik – Keep On (Version II)
9. Daniel Stefanik – Confidence
10. Daniel Stefanik – Prelude (Vinyl Only)
11. Daniel Stefanik – Elektron Storm (Vinyl Only)
Daniel Stefanik – Rush (Vinyl Only)
13. Daniel Stefanik – Basement Valut (Vinyl Only)

Daniel Stefanik is one of The Techno and House newcomers of the last years. His carefreeness as a DJ behind the decks and his likeable appearance are literally distinctive for a new generation of young, down-to-earth producers from Germany, which are the result of the influence of Väth, Villalobos and Hawtin on the one side, and solid but hedonistic House on the other. Whereas many producers nowadays have dedicated themselves to only one musical direction, the influence of Kerri Chandler, Chez Damier or Kevin Saunderson is clearly noticeable in Stefanik’s music. His longplay debut for Cocoon Recordings is a mirror of all these influences and yet it’s so up-to-date and contemporary like only few other Techno and House albums today.
As the name already suggests, “Entrance” is the gate to Stefanik’s club world, the door into the night and to the dancefloors of the hedonistic but nevertheless gloomy metropolises of this world. “Entrance” breathes influences from Detroit and Underground Resistance. Not again this pseudo-deep Loop House, or even another definition of Minimal, but a production with depth and substance, however, without cramping or wanting too much. The perfect start of a long, cool night – the sound that opens the gates to another world. “Light On” targets the beat for the first part of the night and follows an almost East German approach, if you like. House music like it’s been served by Marvin Dash or Dub Taylor for many years: no hands-up attacks and no overproduced U.S. influences from New York, but slightly raw with an eye for the essentials: the kicking beat and the atmosphere from 1 a.m. on.
“1996” is the next hint of Stefanik’s influences and references. Dave Clark and Slam say hello from the background and also the Detroit House scene around Jeff Mills and his early AXIS productions can be recognised here. The kicking 909, the demanding beat and the gloomy-like filters don’t sound like Germany at all. And with “Port Of Transition”, Stefanik consequently follows the path he took before. Breakbeat elements melt together with Detroit beats and arpeggios into a timeless mix. In a blind test, it is rather impossible to allocate this track to a certain time period. This is a proper universal weapon for all the Techno DJs of this world. “Distillery” is a short break, going back to more feeling and layers of sound, and back to more House beats – the sound that has been characteristic for one of Leipzig’s best clubs for many years. House with a bang, so to say, not too happy, not too greasy. The perfect soundtrack to let yourself go into a night that has just begun, to become one with the club and to leave daily life behind you. A very successful homage to East Germany’s most important club over the last twenty years!
“Bend The Rules” leads the listener on his journey away from Leipzig and to Berlin, into its long Panoramabar nights and its hypnotic, almost trance-influenced dance marathons, where the slowly rising sun is channelling its way through half-closed shutters and the sweat-soaked, smoky air. “Bend The Rules” is the club and music karma of such nights – condensed into one single sentence. Anything goes, everything is possible and nothing sticks to the common rules.
Of course, being an eyewitness of these nights with the respective music and atmosphere sometimes lets you end up a little out of it and a little dopey – in other words: “Dazed And Confused”. The soundtrack for a long walk home, when the club has extracted all your energy… You walk through the Berlin sun and the chilling morning air, yet bathed in sweat – or simply down to the river where the next party is already starting… coming back down… close your eyes without sleeping… DAZED AND CONFUSED!
This is where the transition to eternity is created, to the never ending party, to just carry on. And there’s no hedonism needed from the early morning until noon, only the atmosphere is what counts! This very special mood in between the brisk wind, the blazing sun and people that have been seemingly with you for the whole night. “Keep On” puts all this in a nutshell: a beer in your hand and the after hour dancefloor in focus – Stefanik got it exactly! The last track, “Confidence”, represents the final chapter of a long and varied night, the soundtrack for Berlin in the year 2012, full of Detroit and House classics, and full of quotes from almost 20 years of House and Techno history. And with pride and confidence, Stefanik can be 100% sure that he succeeded in making this album exactly what he had in mind: capturing the soundtrack of a generation – or better: of a lifestyle. With “Confidence”, Stefanik releases us on our way home in a very relaxed mood. By taxi, by train or by foot, this is the self-discovery of a Techno raver heading home, off the party and right into recreation…
The next weekend is bound to come.

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[WTM031] Masomenos – Tofidi EP

Masomenos – Tofidi EP
Welcome To Masomenos
12″ Vinyl
11 Sept 2012

St Jacut, with Lemos feat Jaw (Dop)
Go On My Son, with Lemos
Tomorrow, with Jaw (Dop)
Tofidi, with Lemos

Permanently Being Busy Performing, The So Funky Duo Masomenos Nevertheless Take Their Time To Produce. Such As The Artwork Basically Already Is Announcing It, Things Go In Cycles In Masomenosville (s/s). So, This Ep Is The Start Of A New Series, And A Delicious Example On How To Effectively Create Different Moods.. St Jacut (with Lemos, Feat. Jaw (dop) Is The Charming Vocal Opener… Go On My Son (with Lemos) Is The Classic Housey Lift-up, Tomorrow (feat Jaw (dop) Got That Reflective Vibe. Finally Tofidi (with Lemos) Is An Ohhh So Effective Masterpiece…yeppa.!!

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[DS004] George P – On The Bound

George P. – On The Bound

Label: Deep Series
Catalog#: DS004
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Berlin
Released: 7 Jun 2012

On The Bound
Deep Inside

Right in time, when the summer is about to blow your mind, George P is back on track with another deep masterpiece. With “on the bound” he presents us a slightly grooving and powerful Track which roams free, somewhere between House and Techno. The two tracks “extra” and “deepinside” are as its name implies, deep and hypnotic as a matter of course.
True to that old chestnut that “only he who changes remains true to himself” George P is well on his way to hit the crowd with his sound.
Supported by: Julietta, Matthias Tanzmann, Marc Schneider, DJ Sneak, Chris Carrier, Ray Okpara, Frank Roger, Chris Wood, Mr. Statik, Alex Celler, Alex Flitsch, Anthea, Arnaud Le Texier, Axel Bartsch, Rene Breitbarth, Martin Eyerer, Dyed Soundorom, Florian Meindl, John Dimas, V.Rotz, Varoslav, Werner Nierdermeier

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Lawrence – Timeless (CD mix – Cocoon Recordings)

Attraverso le decine di dischi e il suo ruolo centrale in Dial, etichetta di Amburgo, Lawrence ha contribuito a definire il suono deep house contemporaneo.

Il mese prossimo, esattamente il 22 Agosto, esce su Cocoon Recordings il suo primo CD mix ufficiale “Timeless”.

01. Lawrence – Floating
02. Melchior Productions – Zukunft in Englisch

03. Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Stacy Pullen – Forever Monna

04. Soul Capsule – Overcome

05. Smallpeople & Rau – Life Aquatic

06. Schatrax – Overcome

07. RVDS – Another Track

08. Morphosis – Silent Screamer

09. Aril Brikha – On & On

10. Delano Smith – My Life

11. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Ambo
12. Isolée – Thirteen Times An Hour

13. Pigon – Koto

14. Mike Dehnert – Beatmatching

15. Robert Hood – The Realm

16. Roman Flügel – Brian Le Bon

17. Plaid – OI