[APO011] Dan Ghenacia – Ometeo


Dan Ghenacia – Ometeo
Label: Apollonia
Catalog#: APO011
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Paris
Released:  2014


As Apollonia surpasses it’s 10th release and you take a breath to look back on the first two years of the label’s meteoric life, there’s no denying the unstoppable Parisian-born imprint is going from strength to strength. Having just repressed ‘Need Ur Love’, the Callisto classic that is an influential memory from Apollonia’s roots, Dan Ghenacia brings us up to the present day with the forthcoming EP.

Having spent the summer season in the musical hub of Ibiza, Ghenacia’s heightened creativity lead him to turn his hand once again to production. Finishing the track just in time for Dyed Soundorom’s birthday, his beats brother took the liberty of testing out the track during his annual celebratory marathon set. ‘Ometeo’ featured no less than four times throughout the Ibizian all day/all night proceedings and immediately became a firm favourite of Soundorom. So much so that he insisted on its release on Apollonia, and added a personal remix of his own.

Now spending more and more time in Berlin, home to two-thirds of the trio and to work together on an LP, there’s a definite shift in the sound nodding to something a little darker, a little weirder. ‘Ometeo’ asserts itself with a strong paced clap, accompanied by low pitched electronic rippling and intergalactic robotic voices. Slowly and subtly building up, it moves through human chatterings, insect callings and more, until at its most dynamic moment enter the hip-shaking maracas!

Remix master Soundorom gives the late night joint a total overhaul to produce a peak time dancefloor bomb. Introducing a driving kick to pick up the energy, the warm, deep synths remind us of the typical Apollonia sound, as do the sexy, primarily female vocals which reoccur throughout the piece. Together a two track package that will without a doubt propel the French trio even further into the stratosphere.