[AEM002] Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai

aet002Artists & Title: Nu Zau – Angajat De Mai
Label: Æternum Music
Catalogue#: AEM002
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris


(AEM002)_Nu Zau_Angajat de mai EP
including remix from :
Release date TBA.
Artwork by : Raphaël Garnier

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[ALLINN016] Coldfish – The Invisibles EP

Artists & Title: Coldfish – The Invisibles EP
Label: All Inn Records
Catalogue#: ALLINN016
Date: Nov. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl, 300 copies
Country: Ro

Coldfish – Silent Bastard
B1. Coldfish – Lumiere
B2. Coldfish – Tools for Mr. Wells

VINYL ONLY, LIMITED TO 300 COPY, NO REPRESS Coldfish returns with his second EP on All Inn – called “The Invisibles”. Earthshaking dubs, floating aristocratic space techno on gently rolling rocks. Perfectly programmed and composed three tracker EP from Coldfish. Unique sounds out of the known genres, as usual. Highly recommended!

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FSOB 16 – Alin Crihan

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: FSOB 16 – Alin Crihan
Profile: Futere Sound
Date: 25 Oct. 2012
Time: 01:36:16

“After a short but invigorating break futere sounds come back atcha with a new exclusive mix. It’s Alin Crihan’s time to show us what he’s got, and he’s got more than a few tracks mixed together. He’s actually one of the new producers to watch, he’s releasing nice music in his own name or using his Aeromaschine moniker, and last but not least he now lives in Bucharest. He really got us convinced! “

Priku, Nightclubber Podcast 75

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Priku, Nightclubber Podcast 75
Profile: nightclubber.ro
Date: 23 Oct. 2012
Time: 01:09:42

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes for free from:
Nightclubber (www.nightclubber.ro)
iTunes (http://www.tinyurl.com/bndnvd8).

FDLF001 – Roraprod

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: FDLF001 – Roraprod
Profile: de la’funk.
Date: 22 Oct. 2012
Time: 01:18:49

The series starts off with a duo out of Switzerland; RORAPROD.
Two close like-minded artists with the drive, ambition, and true nature of a musician. With the start of there label (RORA) and the extensive time put into the eclectic music productions. Romar & Ravzan never cease to amaze like minded artists, as well as the underground electronic community.

Continue onto our blog to view the interview/Q&A with the duo.

– http://lafin-lafunk.tumblr.com/


Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 002
Label: DeDormitor
Catalogue#: DDN002
Date: Oct. 2012
Format: Free file .wav / .flac
Country: Ro

Drt / Pshrmn – Magnetic Dub
2. Drt / Pshrmn – Si Mai Pur
3. Ovidiu Andrei – Concret
4. Ovidiu Andrei – Space In Time

Magnetic Dub is a club-oriented sound scape inspired from the northern lights. Si Mai Pur is influenced by Steve O’Sullivan’s early work for the Bluetrain/Blue Spirit labels. The track is defined by the contrast between the wide, spaced-out ambiance and the raw, hard-hitting drums. Concret gives way to it’s catchy bass guitar loop that slowly changes throughout the track. Space In Time presents itself as a deep, percussion-based journey through the universe.

Internet Archive



W H P # 0 0 4 – 2 7 O c t . 1 1 p m
@ L a b o r a t o r i o C r a s h !
V i a d e l l a C o o p e r a z i o n e , 1 0 – B o l o g n a ( I T )


W E B : 
f P A G E : 
L A B O R A T O R I O C R A S H :

[MUSIK085] Ricardo Villalobos – Baby EP

Artists & Title: Ricardo Villalobos – Baby EP
Label: Raum…musik
Catalogue#: MUSIK085
Date: Oct. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: DE


VINYL ONLY !! After delivering a remix for Miss Fitz and releasing the project “RiRom” together with Roman Flügel on our label, Ricardo Villalobos finally releases his first full solo single for Raum Musik under his Villalobos moniker. Two masterpieces of cutting edge electronic music done in a way that only he can do it. We are more than happy with this release and it will be released only on vinyl.

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[BP007] SeQ – Smooth Garra

Artists & TitleSeQ – Smooth Garra
Label: BodyParts Records
Catalogue#: BP007
Date: Oct. 2012
Format: File, .mp3
Country: Moscow

1. SeQ – Smooth Garra (Bvoice & Anrilov Remix)
2. SeQ – Smooth Garra (ODY arts gentle remix)
3. SeQ – Smooth Garra (ODY arts dub remix)

[AEM001] Alejandro Vivanco – Pakapa EP

Artists & TitleAlejandro Vivanco – Pakapa EP
Label: Æternum Music
Catalogue#: AEM001
Date: Oct. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris

Alejandro Vivanco – Pakapa
A2. Alejandro Vivanco – Pakapa (Ivano Tetelepta & Roger Gerressen Remix)
B1. Alejandro Vivanco – Socotropo
B2. Alejandro Vivanco – Socotropo (G.Verrina & G.Ventura remix)

Strictly vinyl only label and limited edition copies.
With all the artist that we love and respect ♥