[Autoreply020] OCH – Autoreply Twenty EP

ochArtists & TitleOCH – Autoreply Twenty EP
Label: Autoreply
Catalogue#: Autoreply020
Date: 2014
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl
Country: London

A1. “
Samarkand Sulci”
A2. “Enceladus”
B1. “Don’t Fight It”
C1. “Morning Glory”
C2. “C Ring”
D1. “Snarecrow”
D2. “Bitchslap”

Stunningly beautiful double-pack from OCH for Autoreply Music’s 20th release. Following on from output on renowned labels like PAL SL, Trelik, Bass Culture he returns to Autoreply with seven tracks of playable perfection.

[SL13] OCH – Dickens Tracks Vol. 2

palOCH – Dickens Tracks Vol. 2
Label: PAL SL
Catalog#: SL13
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Released: 2014


SL 13 Tracklist:
A- Bombay Bubblebath
B1- Star Of Hope
B2 – The Magic Flute

[Autoreply014] Och, Den , DJ Pi-Ge ‎– Stockholm Helsinki Tokyo

ochArtists & Title:  Och, Den , DJ Pi-Ge ‎– Stockholm Helsinki Tokyo
Label: Autoreply
Catalogue#: Autoreply014
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London

A1. OCH – Fika
A2. Den – Rushing For Love
B1. DJ Pi-Ge ‎– Down Map
B2. OCH – Doctors Orders

2013 marks Autoreply Music’s 5th year of quality vinyl releases. For the 14th release OCH invites two of Tokyo’s most influential players to the family.

DJ PI-GE is largely responsible for the current wave of the capitals house/techno scene. He co-runs PAN Records and collaborates with Mathias Kaden as Mathimidori and PI-GE. As a DJ he’s graced hotspots such as Panorama Bar, Womb and Robert Johnson. His track “Down Map” features soft vocals, and catchy drifting synths which build and tease over an 8 minute backdrop of tight, club orientated percussion. Expertly mixed and pre-mastered by David Koch aka Dewalta.

Opdisc regular DEN has an equally fruitful musical heritage having lived in London and Berlin he’s recorded for electronic institutions like Soma and Trapez. Returning to his homeland he’s now established himself as one of the nations premium DJ’s. “Rushing For Love” is built around powerful drums and speaker shaking bass, its perfect for the peak time with haunting piano’s creating a mood of euphoric tension and suspense.

OCH is no stranger to labels like Trelik, PAL SL, All Inn and SECT. He kicks of the 12″ with “Fika” which embraces his early UK House and Garage roots with warm vintage keys and lush female vox.”Doctors Orders” is a unique beatless weapon of spoken word and analogue synths completing the line-up of this very special EP. Enjoy.

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[Autoreply013] Och / The Model – Elite Conversationalists Edition

Artists & TitleOch / The Model – Elite Conversationalists Edition
Label: Autoreply
Catalogue#: Autoreply013
Date: Dec. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London

A1. Och – “Deltic”
A2. Och – “Freeze Thaw”
B1. The Model – “Dungeon Man”
B2. The Model – “Stancuto”

Four deadly cuts of timeless, jackin’ house and deep techno professionalism. OCH returns to his Autoreply home with a new series of split 12”s inviting a diverse group of producers to share a slab of wax. For the A Side he opens with “Deltic” which sets the mood with tough yet soulful chicago vibes. OCH’s second contribution is “Freeze-Thaw” showcasing a deep, hypnotic groove alongside powerful sub-bass, lush female vox with dreamy analogue pads that bridge the gap between artistic creativity and memorable club versatility.
On the flip side its Romanian all-rounder, The Model, who has previously graced premium labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Crosstown Rebels and International DJ Gigolo. Here he delivers two ultra-phat workouts in the form of “Dungeon Man”, an infectious chord driven floor-burner and “Stancuto” a stripped back, percussive take on the same theme demonstrating his emerging new warehouse sound with just the slightest salute to Echocord or Denhert.

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[ALLINN13] Och – Roadmaster EP

Och ‎– Roadmaster EP

Label: All Inn Records
Catalog#: ALLINN13
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Romania
Released: 6 Jun 2012


A2. Tool 1

Fever Dub

Fever Dub 2

Credits: After Whalesong’s huge run on Trelik, OCH represents his new four tracker: “Roadmaster” on All Inn. Aside comes with “Roadmaster”, an almost nine minutes long flash on the time-travelling train, and before the road ends a voice tells us gently that we are close to the borders. On flipside the brotherhood of spacey tribalism and twisiting house-rollers is visualized by the parts of “Fever Dub’s”. Stunning package by the hands of the english wizard, OCH.

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