[MOJ01] Little Nobody – The Knock Off


Artist: Little Nobody
Title: The Knock Off
Cat.: MOJ01
Label: My Own jupiter
Format: Vinyl 12”
Release: 2014

A1 | Bat Rastard
A2 | Weltschmerz
A3 | Nobody’s Driving
B1 | Sense & Senility
B2 | Robota

It is clear that Nicolas Lutz’s undeniable Djing skills make him special in the sense that he is one that does not need to depend on having to produce himself in order to pursue his path. With that said, we can easily agree that that makes him a true SELECTOR. It is on this basis that he then decides to bring out his own label. Nicolas feels that the very wide spectrum of music in which he portrays in his sets can then be passed on, this time with him as an A&R. At this stage, whether the label will serve as a platform for his own productions in the future we are still to wait and see but the first release comes out in February 2014.

Toi.Toi.Musik Mix Series 02 – Nicolas Lutz (My own Jupiter / Toi.Toi.Musik)


Up next on our mix series is a set from our very own Nicolas Lutz.

We take much pride in having Nicolas in our agency and as our resident, together with Claus Voigtmann representing the ethos of our entire project. That is because not only we believe NIcolas is the best representation of what Djing should be about but he is an artist that dares on pushing music boundaries, a quality which is pretty rare in Djs today and it is on that note that we bring you this set. Most of Nicolas’ sets have been recorded live as he prefers however this one was recorded at home bringing a side of Nicolas which is not necessarily exposed as often. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

You can catch Nicolas at our next Toi Toi Event alongside Daniel Bell, Steve O’Sullivan Live, Voigtmann & Lamache
Event info: https://www.facebook.com/events/516383791792198/?source=1

Nicolas Lutz [ Toi Toi ] – EDGE promo mix

nl1Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Nicolas Lutz [ Toi Toi ] – EDGE promo mix
Profile: nicolas lutz..
Date: 2013
Time: 01:29:12

Nicolas Lutz coming with a perfect promo mix for EDGE.
After a beautiful experince with Nicolas in our natal city, we decided to go with him and respresent us at biggest DNB festival where EDGE is going to hold his own stage, 20th July, Westbury

Nicolas Lutz, Nightclubber Podcast 91

Title: Nicolas Lutz, Nightclubber Podcast 91
Profile: nicolas lutz..
Date: 24 Apr. 2013
Time: 01:03:06

Nicolás Lutz at Rex, Paris..

lutzPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: Nicolás Lutz at Rex, Paris..
Profile: nicolas lutz..
Date: 16 Feb. 2013
Time: 01:11:04

L’expérience Maurice Mix” part 1 of many.**.L.

nlPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: L’expérience Maurice Mix” part 1 of many.**.L.
Profile: nicolas lutz..
Date: 3 Jan. 2013
Time: 02:36:39

Copacabannark live @ CONCRETE (PARIS)

Upload by: adrianoscandale
Line up : Copacabannark
Title :  Copacabannark live @ CONCRETE (PARIS)
Credits: Copacabannark live @ CONCRETE (Paris)
Montage et réalisation : Nicolas Jourdan

Nicolás Lutz – YAY – Varese Italy

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: Nicolás Lutz – YAY – Varese Italy
Profile: Nicolas Lutz
Date: 19 Oct. 2012
Time: 02:09:02