[Neta002] Den – D AND V

a1: d and v
a2: gottasay
b1: midnight, wired
b2: mad pierrots misery

Japanese producer Den releases his second EP from his own label NETA. Den has previously released from Op.Disc run by Fumiya Tanaka and Radiq aka Yoshihiro Hanno, Trapez, Them, Multivitamin. The 4 tracks with his unique groove for all the djs to use as functional tools for the floor!

[NETA001] Den – Neta 001

netaDen – NETA 001
Label: Neta Records
Catalog#: NETA001
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Released: 2014

“Short Novel”
“Love Comes Quietly”

After releasing on several labels such as op.disc and Autoreply, Tokuto Denda aka Den is back with three tracks onhis new label NETA.Each of three tracks has a different character yet there is a common aestheticacrossonthem, soall of them can be played within asingle night. A1 “Short Novel”is a straight drivingtune with alongdialogue and a dash of acid feelingthat will keep the floor grooving. B2 “Tesla”is a spacey synth-orienteddeep house track witha filter-driving synth riff and acosmic melody. This can be suitable for building up floor or leading the floor into the deeper state of mind. B3 “Love Comes Quietly”is the closing track of thisEP. The beautifully crafted voice samples floatingon the heavy bassline will make the floor swinging.

Enjoy your night (and day!) with this beautiful andpowerful EP from Den.!

田中フミヤとRadiQこと半野喜弘によるレーベルOp.Discをはじめ、Mark HenningとのコラボやTrapez、Them、Multi Vitaminsレーベルなどで活躍する実力派日本人アーティストDenによるセルフ・レーベル「NETA」が始動!DJツールいわゆるDJネタとしての機能にフォーカスしたフロアライクな3トラックを収録!