[Mania026] Don Papa – Rock My Tempo

tagArtists: Don Papa
Title: Rock My Tempo
Cat.: Mania026
Format: 12″
Release: 2014

A1  Senturi (Intro)
A2  Bombata Soul Funk Electro
A3  Done (Piano) Bass Vocal Mix
B1  Vinyl Rules
B2  Metal Zone (NYC Edit)
B3  Electro Jive

Superb genre oblivious Don Papa retrospective

[FOFVIN8] Dilated Pupils – Clear My Mind


Dilated Pupils – Clear My Mind
Fear Of Flying
Catalog#: FOFVIN8
Format: Vinyl, 2 x 12″
Country: London
Released: 2014

Dilated Pupils – Clear My Mind 
B1. Dilated Pupils – Duo
B2. Dilated Pupils – This Is My Weekend 
C1. Dilated Pupils – Say It
D1. Dilated Pupils – Take Care 
D2. Dilated Pupils – It’s All Right Mouse 

Vinyl only release – out now!

[MOJ01] Little Nobody – The Knock Off


Artist: Little Nobody
Title: The Knock Off
Cat.: MOJ01
Label: My Own jupiter
Format: Vinyl 12”
Release: 2014

A1 | Bat Rastard
A2 | Weltschmerz
A3 | Nobody’s Driving
B1 | Sense & Senility
B2 | Robota

It is clear that Nicolas Lutz’s undeniable Djing skills make him special in the sense that he is one that does not need to depend on having to produce himself in order to pursue his path. With that said, we can easily agree that that makes him a true SELECTOR. It is on this basis that he then decides to bring out his own label. Nicolas feels that the very wide spectrum of music in which he portrays in his sets can then be passed on, this time with him as an A&R. At this stage, whether the label will serve as a platform for his own productions in the future we are still to wait and see but the first release comes out in February 2014.

[TU008] Enrico Mantini ‎– Slave To My Concept EP

Artists & Title
Enrico Mantini ‎– Slave To My Concept EP
Label: Traxx Underground
Catalogue#: TU008
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ita

Dont Think About It
A2. Lost In A Beat
B1. Ecstasy
B2. Get Into Da Muzik

Recorded and mixed at Down Da Mountains Studio (IT) in June 2013 – SIAE Copyright Control.
Special thanks to Samann, Seuil & Le Loup, Raresh, Zip, Thomas Melchior, Fabio Monesi, Brawther, Gerd, Hardrock Striker and all the guys who contribute to keep the true house alive.

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[WTM031] Masomenos – Tofidi EP

Masomenos – Tofidi EP
Welcome To Masomenos
12″ Vinyl
11 Sept 2012

St Jacut, with Lemos feat Jaw (Dop)
Go On My Son, with Lemos
Tomorrow, with Jaw (Dop)
Tofidi, with Lemos

Permanently Being Busy Performing, The So Funky Duo Masomenos Nevertheless Take Their Time To Produce. Such As The Artwork Basically Already Is Announcing It, Things Go In Cycles In Masomenosville (s/s). So, This Ep Is The Start Of A New Series, And A Delicious Example On How To Effectively Create Different Moods.. St Jacut (with Lemos, Feat. Jaw (dop) Is The Charming Vocal Opener… Go On My Son (with Lemos) Is The Classic Housey Lift-up, Tomorrow (feat Jaw (dop) Got That Reflective Vibe. Finally Tofidi (with Lemos) Is An Ohhh So Effective Masterpiece…yeppa.!!

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[LEET004] Akiko Kiyama – Where Are My Shoes? EP

Akiko Kiyama ‎– Where Are My Shoes? EP
31337 Records
Catalog#: LEET004
Format: Vinyl, 12″ – 5X File, Mp3 EP
Country: Germany
Vinyl Released:  2nd May, 2012
Digital Released:  6th June, 2012

Anaesthesulf [7:12]

 We Are Tubes Inner Tubes (feat. Lisokot) [6:32]

 Gavotte II [7:57]

 Gavotte II (Bruno Pronsato Remix) [7:32]

5: Take Your Skeleton In The Closet (Digital Bonus) [7:02]

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Mastered By – Pheek
New black gold is on the way! 31337 Records‘ first vinyl for this year: Where Are My Shoes EP, by Japan‘s minimal techno queen Akiko Kiyama, including a fantastic remix by Mr. Bruno Pronsato. An outstanding release full of abstract minimal techno goodies ready to hit the clubs. Punchy bass lines on top of rhythmic percussions, exposing a twisted dark tale on the hunt for lost shoes. Her new EP starts off with Anaesthesulf, a well arranged DJ tool, repetitive but complex. Well-structured patterns surrounded by lots of hats, percussions and playful melodies. Followed by the second track called We Are Tubes Inner Tubes, a real dancefloor killer for the early morning hours. Trippy percussions, seemingly foreign vocals by Lisokot and twisted sample cuts topped with well selected effects give this tune the perfect shape. 

The B side continues with Gavotte II, a dark and pounding track with lots of variation and freaky soundsemerging seamlessly from the background. Mysterious melodies, a bouncy snare and occasional vocal cuts perfectly aligned in front of a pumping bassline. The last track is a remix of Gavotte II by Bruno Pronsato who introduces a lot of melodic bits and samples, turning the track into a new interesting direction. Creatively built sound structures, cleverly arranged with a variety of new elements and headed by a funky beat. On the digital release, we‘ve included a bonus track named Take Your Skeleton In The Closet. Another well-built production with an mysteriously obscure melody emerging between a rolling beat, full of interesting elements. The whole release is an impressive piece of art, that shouldn‘t be missing in any DJ bag! From Berlin to Tokyo – see you barefoot on the dancefloor!

More on:
31337 Records.com


Lawrence – Timeless (CD mix – Cocoon Recordings)

Attraverso le decine di dischi e il suo ruolo centrale in Dial, etichetta di Amburgo, Lawrence ha contribuito a definire il suono deep house contemporaneo.

Il mese prossimo, esattamente il 22 Agosto, esce su Cocoon Recordings il suo primo CD mix ufficiale “Timeless”.

01. Lawrence – Floating
02. Melchior Productions – Zukunft in Englisch

03. Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Stacy Pullen – Forever Monna

04. Soul Capsule – Overcome

05. Smallpeople & Rau – Life Aquatic

06. Schatrax – Overcome

07. RVDS – Another Track

08. Morphosis – Silent Screamer

09. Aril Brikha – On & On

10. Delano Smith – My Life

11. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Ambo
12. Isolée – Thirteen Times An Hour

13. Pigon – Koto

14. Mike Dehnert – Beatmatching

15. Robert Hood – The Realm

16. Roman Flügel – Brian Le Bon

17. Plaid – OI