Interview with: Frost (PRESSURE TRAXX)

With our blog we got the chance to see the birth of Pressure Traxx. We followed it since your first release and we see it developing, so we have some curiosity to satisfy :)

– Before this project we never heard anything about you. What did you do before? How does it start the collaboration between you and Einzelkind?
Frost: ” I was already there – In the past I always produced some stuff, but only from time to time. I never felt the need to bring something out. The music I made was just for my pleasure and for a handful people who liked it.
The very first idea of starting the Label together came from Arno (Einzelkind) and he convinced me that it would be time to release some of our own tracks which were already finished. We are close friends for many years and we spent and spend a lot of time partying, listening and playing music together. So it was easy for us to bring the label and how it should “sound” on the way.

– From the beginning we saw important collaborations such as Chriss Wood, Christian Burkhardt, Robin Scholz (another artist almost unknown from us), and for the fifth release two amazing remixes from Ricardo Villalobos, we are astonished! Where did it spring from?
Frost: ” Yes, all artists mentioned above are not only collaborations, they are good friends, too. Chris, Christian, Robin, Arno and me – we all live and work in the same area from Frankfurt and Offenbach and it takes only some minutes to meet for example. Robin Scholz joined us 1,5 years ago – he is highly talented and only 21 years old.
The whole thing with “Flying turns” started in Heiko MSO’s studio when Arno and me heard the song for the first time. I sent Ricardo a text massage that we were listening to something really, really special in this moment and he liked it from the first second on when he had the track. That happened weeks before there was the idea to rerelease it. When Arno was starting to negogiate with Crash Course in Science we had no doubt that if there will be a remix, than only from Ricardo himself. So everything went well and we joined him in Berlin while he was working out the 2 Remixes and we all had a perfect day”.

– Although the artists difference, a congruent and recognizable music vibe it’s been shaped, which is the philosophy behind your music concept?
Frost: “I think the philosophy is that Arno and me like it immediately, that we like it both and we like to bring it on the way without loosing too much words about it – it’s an on/off thing without discussing ”

– What future should we expect about Pressure Traxx?
Frost: “We are ready to go. The next PTX (006) is finished and the release will be after the summer. It will contain a track called “Nitetraxx 2″ I did and huge track from Chris Wood & Meat. Probably on 10″ via”

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