[SOUS003] V/A – Unity Vol.1

sous002Artists & Title: V/A – Unity Vol.1
Label: Soulsity
Catalogue#: SOUS003
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Unknown



Focus on: “NIL”

, born in Brooklyn (NY) & Chavez, born and raised in Jersey. Now Based on Union City in New Jersey. They are the owner of NIL project.

[NIL001] Marsomatic700 – Ce Zici?

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[NIL002] Various – Symmetrie

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Let’s the family talk:

Chavez: NIL was started over a few beers and a jam session. Lou and I have always wanted to contribute something and at at the time we developed a nice relationship with the mars boys (Marsomatic700) which continues today, after going through some tracks we both decided that we wanted to add something that we felt people missed through the cracks. With digital being so prevalent, everyone either puts out a lot of the same or really great stuff gets overlooked, so we wanted to give it a shot and go vinyl.

Lou: There is no movement in NJ, that sound is pretty much still being explored here, I would like to consider us the pioneers of that bringing that sound back over here. I will be traveling to Bucharest and working on music next month, hopefully something worthy to introduce to the world.

Chavez: One of the things we pride on with the label is that we still do our mastering in the epicenter, Detroit. Very honored to say that.
The project is approved by Onur Ozer, Raresh, Cristi Cons, Priku, Meat from Frankfurt, Taimur Agha of BLKMarket, Marquese from La Peña.

Blazed (Stedi): Nil’s my fam, support all the way. I am a part of Nil and Nil is a part of me. I started out working with my dear friend Sublee ten months ago on a new project called Stedi (comes from Stefan and Dinu). Sublee, at the time, was signed on Nil with the Marsomatic project. The guys got to hear some Stedi work and from that point on, it was done. It was like we knew each other for years, very strong and close friendship.
To say something for everyone who would like to collaborate with Nil- they are serious people, who love music and who are doing it for the love of music, not money or some other rubbish.
I like Lou’s diplomatic style. He’s down to the point immediately. Doesn’t talk bullshit and treats music very seriously, on the other hand, Chavez is like my older brother (though he is a bit younger than I am), he helped us out a lot with his knowledge about sound engineering and is always eager to help his friends out no matter what and it all comes from the same place: love for art.

Sublee (Stedi / Marsomatic700): First of all, I’m not that much of a writer so you will have to bear with me a little :). In 2010, George and Lou had been following us on soundcloud for a couple of months with their project Kids from Discotheque. After Sunwaves, we  bonded more and started to talk on a daily basis, exchanging experiences and thoughts together- we became like a family. Me and Mihai started the project Marsomatic700 with the idea of bringing something new to the current. George and Lou decided that they also want to show something else to the world and decided that our project would be the first EP on Nil.

One year later, Vlad joined our family sharing the same vision we did, while I joined his, as we started a new project, Stedi. The guys followed our work the entire time, as we evolved both in music and life.
As time goes by, we find ourselves in front of the second release with tracks from Stedi and Mihai.
Personally, George and Lou were always there for me in music and life altogether, I learned a lot from them, as they are being “older” and wiser than me.
I hope we will follow the repetitive pattern in life too and we will keep bringing smiles and emotions to your hearts.
For all of you listeners up there, keep listening to the music, not the hype, follow your heart, and not another ones dream!

MP (Marsomatic700): It all started with the Marsomatic700 project that I Intiated with Stefan in 2010 , George and Lou approached us after one of our tracks was played at Sunwaves, and we immediately became good friends, and we’ve been like brothers since then.  They asked for some more tracks, and we decided to choose us for the first NIL and now we wait for the NIL002. NIL is more than a label, is a family!

Praslesh plays “MP – Deeps” [NIL002]

Onur Ozer plays “Marsomatic700 – Prespun” [NIL001]:

NIL (Union City – New Jersey)