(Flair 01) Richard La Salle – It’s Always You

flair1Richard La Salle – It’s Always You
Artists: Richard La Salle
Catalog#: Flair01
Country: //
Released: 2013


released 30 July 2013
Written/Produced by Richard La Salle for Flair © 2013
tags: house soundtrack tech house techno Boston

FDLF001 – Roraprod

Platform: Soundcloud
Title: FDLF001 – Roraprod
Profile: de la’funk.
Date: 22 Oct. 2012
Time: 01:18:49

The series starts off with a duo out of Switzerland; RORAPROD.
Two close like-minded artists with the drive, ambition, and true nature of a musician. With the start of there label (RORA) and the extensive time put into the eclectic music productions. Romar & Ravzan never cease to amaze like minded artists, as well as the underground electronic community.

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– http://lafin-lafunk.tumblr.com/

Dandy Jack, Sonja Moonear, Francesco Del Garda @ Link Associated – Bologna (IT)

Date: 5 Oct. 2012
Link Associated – Via Fantoni, 21 Bologna (IT)
from 11.30PM


DANDY JACK Live (Cadenza Records, Perlon)
SONJA MOONEAR (Ruta 5, Perlon)

Partnership: LED X, Peacock Eventi, La Malvagio inc., Playgarden, Revolver, 320KB, Republic Sound.

[SUSH04] Various ‎– Limited Numbers

Various ‎– Limited Numbers
Artists: Franco Cangelli, Leonel Castillo, Anonym, Delano Smith, Norm Talley, Mike Huckaby
Catalog#: SUSH04
Format: 5 × Vinyl, 10″, Marbled, Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Berlin
Released: Sept 2012


1. The Spin Of Thought
1A. Franco Cangelli – Frag Mental (DBX Mix)
1B. Franco Cangelli – Whimsical (Beat Pharmacy Mix)

2. El Paso Cerrado

2A. Leonel Castillo – Y El Viento Blanco (10″ Mix)
2B. Leonel Castillo – Y La Nieve (10″ Mix)

3. Love

3A. Anonym – I Love You (Dub Mix)
3B. Anonym – Love You Like I Can (Dub Mix)

4. Constellation / Detroit 2-Step

4A. Delano Smith – Constellation
4B. Norm Talley – Detroit 2-Step

5. Baseline 87′

5A. Mike Huckaby – Baseline 87′
5B. Mike Huckaby – Musik For The Dancefloor

Concept By – Yossi Amoyal
Design, Art Direction – Kerry Roper
Mastered By – Andreas Kauffelt
Limited box set of 400 copies, contains the 5 limited records on the Sushitech Limited numbers series (SUSH04.1 – 04.5) Including exclusive mixes.

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[CADENZA80] Valentino kanzyani – Love & Gratitude EP2

Valentino kanzyani – Love & Gratitude EP2
Artists: Valentino Kanzyani
Catalog#: CADENZA80
Format: 12″ Vinyl, File .mp3
Country: Suisse
Released: Sept 2012


The first track ‘Mirvan’ is the heaviest cut on the EP, and has a tension and vibe similar to the raw rhythms that Berghain residents Ben Klock or Marcel Dettmann might play at the Berlin techno temple. When some pads fade in around the 2:30 mark, you can sense Kanzyani’s desires to coerce you into a dreamlike state. The sounds are infinite and all pervasive, like outer space, forever expanding beyond the reaches of any known logic or meaning. The beats are drowned out at points by the ever-growing black hole of sound, however the drumming is reliable and constant, like an engine that never stutters.

B1. Chanta Lopez

The second track ‘Chanta Lopez’ is more housy, with a tangible bassline and more swing in the groove. Loose claps on alternating delay patterns keep the tension high in the first part of the track, before a metallic, machine-like synth cranks into gear. Unlike ‘Mirvan’, the synth has a recognizable melody and moves with purpose. At times, the synth combinations almost turn into an acoustic guitar-like moment in the track’s only breakdown, and the resulting drop brings a welcome change in bassline pace. This is a very modern house track, and the quiet optimism of ‘Chanta Lopez’ suggests a new dawn – a light at the end of the dark tunnel – like waking up on a Tuesday morning to find a cool afterparty happening in your living room.

X1. Una Noche En Paraiso (Digital Bonus)

The third track on the EP, ‘Une Noche En Paraiso’, begins with a nonsensical series of random drum patterns, as if the producer was clicking through all of the possible drum sounds in search of the perfect one and accidentally recorded all of his beat auditions onto the track. A clicky drum groove, funky and syncopated, gets dirtier as a growling bassline is added, before Kanzyani works in some un-bridled synthesizers. As the synths grow in stature, they become floaty and magical, like a panpipe fairy leading you down a path. More orchestral sounds then join the mix, which give the track a feeling not too far away from classical music, which is odd considering the repetitive techy drums. The sense of grandeur that the melody creates, quickly dissipates as Kanzyani brings the track back to reductionist glitchy house for the remainder of its time, and in the end, ‘Une Noche En Paraiso’ is like one quick toe dip into the sublime.

ElCirculo De La Vida Dub (Digital Bonus)

The final track on the EP is a special dub version of ‘El Circulo De La Vida’, which appeared on ‘Love & Gratitude EP1’. Without the original’s weird Shamanic Spanish conversation running over the track, the cut’s beautiful and serene melody is allowed to take center stage.

Back in April, Slovenia’s Valentino Kanzyani dropped the first half of a two part underground house EP on Cadenza, titled ‘Love & Gratitude EP1’. It was his debut release on Luciano’s label, and was dark and funky for the most part, with the majority of the four tracks’ energy coming from percussion and raw beats (Kanzyani is currently working on an album for Cadenza, which will contain mainly new and unreleased tracks).

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[WTM030] Masomenos, Cabanne, Ark & Laetitia – Oh La La!

Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne & Laetitia Katapult – Oh La La!

Label: Welcome To Masomenos
Catalog#: WTM030
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: France
Released: 20 Feb 2012

A1: Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne – Oh La La !

A2: Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne – Le Fruit Des Fondues

B1: Masomenos & Laetitia Katapult – Gay Tôt

B2: Masomenos & Ark & Cabanne – Bronze Septembre

Mastered By [Cut] – MB

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