[SOUNDCROSSING01] Faster – Sugar EP (Inc. Kozo´s Mix)

Artists & TitleFaster – Sugar EP (Inc. Kozo´s Mix)
SoundCrossing Records
Date: Nov. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London

A1. Faster – Cup Of Tea
A2. Faster – Sugar
B1. Faster – Sugar (Kozo No Sugar Mix)

(SOUNDCROSSING001) Faster – Sugar EP (inc. Kozo´s no sugar mix) Only Vinyl & Limited Copies.
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Focus on: “RORA Prod LTD”

Romar and Ravzan, from Switzerland, have launch RORA label project at the end of 2011, with a strike EP who involved artist as sunrise guys Kozonak also know as Kozo, Vlad Caia, romenian upcoming artist Faster, then MP, from marsomatic, and for the new one, three pieces of their own production.
All record contains more than 30 minutes of pure minimal experience.

[RORA001] Various Artists – Zuerst EP (Listen)
A1. Roraprod – Sajsurna
A2. Faster – Am Ajuns
B1. Vlad Caia – Subject 109
B2. Kozonak – Fidel Castrol

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[RORA002] MP ‎– Trei Locuri EP (Listen)
A1. MP – Cecep
B1. MP – Darc
B2. MP – Unees

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[RORA003] Romar & Ravzan ‎– Vase Culture EP (Listen)
A1. Romar – The Moments We Shared
Romar – Theory Of Mind
B2. Ravzan – Mielko

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– How it’ s start? and how was before RORA? what’s the beckground?
Hey ! long story short we are just two guys who merely love and feel music !
We started to mix, produce and collect vinyls a few years ago and decided to launch our own record label in order to promote our vision and to share our passion for music.
We thought creating our record label would allow us to bring something to the community and to raise awareness about our music and our artist’s music.
RORA also serves as a platform to introduce new upcoming artists and to organize label nights representing our style and universe.
We also took the decision to release vinyl only (limited pressing) without releasing digital versions of the tracks.This is how we see deejaying !

– In addition to those we have already seen on last releases, are there other artists involved in RORA?
Of course, there will be more artists involved in RORA. We’re not in a hurry to release but try to pick the right artists and the right tracks. Less is more ! In other words, we aim to stay consistent and to include artists that fit our mentality, vision and philosophy.
As we said, RORA is also here to give new talents an opportunity to release their music.

– Want you to tell us something more about RORA?
We’ll present a new artist on RORA004 ! probably coming in the next months so stay tuned !

Thanks to all people who support us and still play vinyls ! Cheers !
Romar & Ravzan

RORA on web:
Website: http://rora.zxq.net/
Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/label/RORA
ResidentAdvisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/RORA
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/roraprodltd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RORA/

[UNDERSTAND001] Cezar Lazar – Din Gând În Când EP

Lazăr Cezar – Din Gând În Când EP
Label: Understand
Catalog#: Understand001
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition
Country: Romania
Released: 04 Jun 2011

A: Fri1911 (Clarinet by Vadim Bondarenko)
B: Tulbara

Credits:  “Proprio come la comprensione è un processo fisiologico relativo ad un oggetto reale o astratto, in cui si è capaci di pensare e utilizzare concetti per comprendere tale oggetto. Understand è una piattaforma musicale basata sul’ idea che la musica dance non si vive solo attraverso la pista da ballo, ma può anche essere un processo più o meno consapevole. Può essere House, Techno, Minimal o qualsiasi genere siamo in grado di legare ai nostri concetti. Avviata dagli artisti rumeni PrasleaCezar e Kozo, Understand si apre a tutto il mondo musicale colto, con un occhio di riguardo per i talenti rumeni.
Crediamo fermamente che la musica abbia profonde connessioni con le alt arti, perciò il nostro amico e artista visivo Tudor Nastase ci aiuterà a decodificare il suono in illustrazione, per una migliore compressione di quello che siamo. Suoni organici si mescolano con immagini organiche, portandovi in un mondo futuro di eclettismo elettronico.”

Cezar Lazar – Fri1911 


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