Thorsteinssøn – DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dubs)

Artists & Title: Thorsteinssøn – DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dubs)
Solar Industry
Catalogue#: //
1 Nov. 2012

1. DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dub A)
2. DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dub B)
3. DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dub C)

Sheffield’s Tommy Vicari Jnr. dubs the ‘DONT THEY KNOW’ release by Thorsteinssøn . This has resulted in an LP that stands on its own with 3 excellent, deep and timeless tracks. Beautiful moody techno at its best!!
released 01 November 2012
‘DONT THEY KNOW’ Original version by Thorsteinssøn

[MINIBAR027] Ben Vedren – I Know You Know EP

Ben Vedren – I Know You Know EP 
Label: Minibar
Catalog#: MINIBAR027
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris
Released: Jul 2012


Ben is a musician deeply involved on and behind the scene. After various enriching collaborations it is now time for him to introduce his very own projects. He recently remixed Carl Craig’s Innerzone Orchestra project for Planet E and will be releasing an EP on Juan Atkins’s legendary label Metroplex. Ben’s releases are not to miss. They set the standard for many and the minibarians are proud to present his latest piece of art which will kick the dancefloor.


[HELLO020] OTHERS – Dope Me

OTHERS aka Bruno Pronsato and Daze Maxim – Dope Me 

Label: Hello?Repeat
Catalog#: [HELLO020]
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 25 June 2012

A. Dope Me

 Does Caroline Know

Dope Me / Does Caroline Know? is a slightly clubbier affair-less Sun Ra and more Soul Capsule-but still possesses the air of strangeness that makes the duo so unique. Each artist leaves his mark within the first few measure of Dope Me. The steady high-hats and flawless kick drum are straight out of Dazes playbook, while the nervous piano and 3 Chairs-style claps are unmistakably Bruno. As for the slurred vocal pleading >Dope me..dope me<, thats anyones guess. The track carries on for a solid nine minutes as half-melodies and quasi-hooks slide in and out of the mix. The B-side, Does Caroline Know?, takes us deeper and darker. The drums are plodding, the mood is ominous, and a series of dreamlike flourishes add to an already eerie groove. Like the A-side, its a surrealistic style of house that only these two could deliver. The artwork, as usual, is done by Daze Maxim.

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