[SITS010] Jeff Mills – Something In The Sky 10

Artists & TitleJeff Mills – Something In The Sky 10
Something In The Sky
Catalogue#: SITS010
Date: Sept 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: USA



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[LELEKA003] Ashes To Machines – Resistance

Ashes To Machines – Resistance
12″ Vinyl, marbled
 27 Aug 2012


Design by Masha Gonchar © Leleka 2012 – In his continuing quest to explore ever broader and more ambitious musical territories than those records from his existing, already expansive, yet still relatively young back catalogue have done, Konotops spiritual warrior Vakula brings us the latest installment of Leleka.

This time, it is with the aid of the pan global operation known as Ashes To Machines. Lionel Corsini (DJ Oil) & Jeff Sharel are true musical ambassadors, having travelled through more than 40 countries in the last 3 years. Encountering all manner of musicians and singers along the way, they all contribute their own spirit to the greater whole. Sounds of the African diaspora meet those of their European descendants, creating what can only truthfully be described as music of the Earth.
Remixes propel the organic sounding originals further towards the future, with Vakula, Ji Dru & Sandra Nkake and Juju & Jordash all adding their own unique interpretations, while equally showing the depth of understanding they all have for more esoteric musical forms. These are sounds which will never grow old, which will last as long as the planet itself and indeed beyond. Nevertheless, physical copies of this record will be limited – you would be well advised to buy now, or else miss your chance in years to come…

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