[HYLP001] Hold Youth – De La Club EP

hyArtists & Title: Hold Youth – De La Club EP
Label: Hold Youth
Catalogue#: HYLP001
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //

A1: D Light (Human Beat Intro)
A2: Kool & The Boug
A3: Les Enfants Du Soleil
B1: Disc-O-Tabac
B2: Street My Baby
B3: Dream (Outro)
C1: Dance With The ***
C2: Street My Baby
C3: Dream (Outro)
D1: Black Dog
D2: La Tournerie

From the two individually revered artists Seuil and Le Loup, comes the debut LP under their collaborative DJ/producing alias Hold Youth. A collection of dance-orientated tracks, designed to make the body move, De La Club explores the origins of Hold Youth’s fundamental influences to their modern day stance.A LP in two parts, the first vinyl is almost a retrospective of primarily State-side club sounds, but also of the pair’s early musical staples. Paying homage to old skool production, the inspiration drawn from the Detroit greats like Moodymann and Andres is clear on the funked-out, jazzy vibes of Street My Baby or the smooth flowing Les Enfants Du Soleil. Hold Youth’s love affair with head-bobbing hip hop also makes an appearance on the intro and outro, sampling the one and only J Dilla, perfectly combined with their own personal beat-boxing. Not forgetting their French 90’s roots, Kool & The Boug oozes that warmth defined so well by Pepe Bradock and Trankilou… a club track which has the power of subtlety to submerge the dancefloor that one level deeper.Part two looks to the example of German minimal and micro house and brings us up to date with the sounds fresh from Hold Youth’s record bag today. Be it the weird and murky territory of Dodge This, or the eerie, glitchy world of Black Dog, their modern vision of De La Club is darker and sturdier in its stature. But it is the ability to weave seamlessly between the LPs two halves, two ideals, which truly characterises the Hold Youth ethos and their signature DJing style.

[HY010] S3A – Bastien EP

hy010Artists & TitleS3A – Bastien EP
Label: Hold Youth
Catalogue#: HY010
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Paris


Once again showing their appreciation for forward-thinking music and supporting think-outside-the-box sounds, the latest EP on Hold Youth opens up the boundaries of electronic music and offers something more.
The opening track Sample’n’909 has been injected with pure funk and sets the scene for the rest of the release, which maintains that groove throughout. Well selected vocals can be found in the soulful harmonising of Those Voices or the smooth-speaking that makes Rainbow Slices the most mellow of the package. Ending the B side with No More Pretty, a joint stripped down to essential kick and high hats, you can feel the full strength of the funk once again as the jazzy keys enter…
S3A Would like to thank : My Mother, Delphine, Eva, Sylvain (Zadig), François (Poon), Léonard (LeLoup), Alexis (Seuil), Julien Ferment, Souleiman B. and all the Concrete team. “Sample’n’909” is dedicated to Alexkid, Ludovic Llorca, Ludovic Navarre and all the FnacMusic/FCom team for their wide vision of electronic music and their impact on my actual vision of it.
All Tracks written and produced by S3A (Sampling As An Art)
P&C Hold Youth 2013