[LHR11] Headcore – Headcore EP

In & Out
Cage Beat

At the tail end of the ’90s, Gregory Darsa played around with a number of pseudonyms before finally settling on his now familiar DJ Gregory alias. One of those abandoned aliases was Headcore. It was used for a single EP back in 1998, released on Chateau Flight’s label, Versatile (then in it’s’ infancy). Here, that EP gets a welcome reissue. It’s aged rather well, with all four tracks – explorations of deep house themes with occasional nods to the dubby, African-influenced style Darsa would later explore on the Africanism project – sounding as fresh now as they did 16 years ago. Picking highlights is tricky, but we’re particularly enjoyed the sparse, swinging dub-house of “Cage” (accompanied with a tasty drum dub) and the Chez Damier-influenced chug of “In & Out