[DSR-H7] Tuff City Kids – Roby Tease EP

delsinTuff City Kids – Roby Tease EP
Catalog#: DSR-H7
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: NL
Released: 2013


Running Back boss Gerd Janson and fellow German Phillip Lauer are Tuff City Kids and are the next pairing to contribute to Delsin’s house leaning series. Their only previous EP came on Ostgut sub label Unterton and the tracks they offer up here continue in a similarly raw and analogue house vein.

Opener ‘HFS’ is a louche and laid back affair. It’s a spacious track with plenty of ambient textures as well as hollow sounding melodies and more grating percussive stabs. A beguiling combination of the blissful and the brutal its about as fresh as house can sound in the modern day. The more kinetic ‘Wendy (Girlfriend 43 Piano Mix)’ is underpinned by a rasping, hiccupping bassline and is built on heavy rubber kicks whilst a lead melody brings a sense of brightness to the otherwise murky mix. Completing the fine trio of tracks on vinyl is ‘Reeze’. With its well-defined drums and snares, ramshackle percussive flourishes and juddery bass, it’s a sketchy slo-jam that will work crowds into a stupor with ease.

Finally, buyers of a digital persuasion get treated to bonus cut ‘Wendy (Girlfriend 44 PiaNO Mix)’ that does away with the pianos and instead surges down a darkened an desolate urban landscape.

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