[GILE005] Onur Özer – Karadae EP

ozer2Onur Özer – Karadae EP
Label: Glilesku
Catalog#: GILE005
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Slo
Released: 2013

A. Karadae

B. By All Means

Gilesku Records is back with two eccentric minimalistic techno tracks delivered by Onur Ozer. Obviously heavily influenced by peak hours in the club, these tracks will serve their purpose right, providing a perfect hook to drive people further in a higher state of consciousness. By paying close attention to detail, he manages to provide music where he bravely paints fat techno sounds with minimalistic elements, layering them by unconventional noises in the background. A peak time material!

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[GILE004] Nu Zau – O serata Dansanta EP

nuzauNu Zau – O serata Dansanta EP
Label: Gilesku Records
Catalog#: GILE004
Format: 12″ Vinyl (Limited 300 Copies)
Country: Slovenia
Released: Feb 2013


For our fourth release, we’ve decided to go even deeper into mysterious waters of experimental minimalistic club music, bringing you yet another undergound talent from Romania – Nu Zau. Already a well known figure on the Romanian scene, Nu Zau was heavily inspired by early romanian hip-hop movement, leaving its imprint in the oldschool vibe of his tracks.
A four track EP opens with deep »Cum bate vantu« – gradually evolving track with wicked bassline and playful precussion, accompanied by warm synth pads in the background. »Drum de foc« takes us for a ride in another direction with its dark atmospheric sounds and groovy beats. It seems like Nu Zau is taking us even further with the third track of the EP – »Frecventa joasa«, which will satisfy even the most demanding clubbers. To conclude the musical ride, here is the fourth track – »Ozup«, a pure percussive gem, that will be enjoyed by many for its floor-driven essence.

[GILE003] Vlad Caia – Connection EP

Vlad Caia – Connection EP

Label: Gilesku Records
Catalog#: GILE003
Format: 12″ Vinyl (Limited 300 Copies)
Country: Slovenia
Released: June 2012


Acid Land

Lost Quintet

Gilesku records is really proud to announce new upcoming limited vinyl only release with young talented and promising artist Vlad Caia. His Connections EP will again be released in 300 limited copies only. We sure are very happy to welcome him in the family!!!

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