[HELLO020] OTHERS – Dope Me

OTHERS aka Bruno Pronsato and Daze Maxim – Dope Me 

Label: Hello?Repeat
Catalog#: [HELLO020]
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 25 June 2012

A. Dope Me

 Does Caroline Know

Dope Me / Does Caroline Know? is a slightly clubbier affair-less Sun Ra and more Soul Capsule-but still possesses the air of strangeness that makes the duo so unique. Each artist leaves his mark within the first few measure of Dope Me. The steady high-hats and flawless kick drum are straight out of Dazes playbook, while the nervous piano and 3 Chairs-style claps are unmistakably Bruno. As for the slurred vocal pleading >Dope me..dope me<, thats anyones guess. The track carries on for a solid nine minutes as half-melodies and quasi-hooks slide in and out of the mix. The B-side, Does Caroline Know?, takes us deeper and darker. The drums are plodding, the mood is ominous, and a series of dreamlike flourishes add to an already eerie groove. Like the A-side, its a surrealistic style of house that only these two could deliver. The artwork, as usual, is done by Daze Maxim.

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[AMP003] Sit – Morfoza EP

Sit – Morfoza EP
Label: Amphia
Catalog#: AMP003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 3 July 2012


A. Channeling

B. Ex

1 copy per customer/ “Only Orders” Of This Record are not accepted!!1 Kopie pro Kunde / “Nur Bestellungen” von der Platte werden nicht akzeptiert!!
After two solo EP’s on their Amphia imprint, Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons morph their forces into a sonic masterpiece. Still keeping their sound minimal the SIT duo deliver a two track gem. The orchestral sounds in Channelling keep the atmosphere light, housy and very danceble yet. On the other side the haunted synths and percussion in Ex seem to lead you through a tunnel, most likely a techno one. Morphoza is pressed in 500 copies.

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[U_STRETCH03] Albert Schwartz – Berry Deep / Drop

Albert Schwartz – Berry Deep / Drop
Label: Ultrastretch
Catalog#: U_STRETCH03
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ger
Released: 30 June 2012

Berry Deep


Berry Deep (Restyled by Rhadoo)

Following EPs from Matthew Burton and Seuil, the third release on Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch label introduces one of Berlin’s most intriguing outsiders: Albert Schwartz. A native of Ghana now based in Germany, Schwartz has been DJing and making tracks for years, but aside from a few gigs with Sammy at Club der Visionäre, has mostly been kept secret until now. With Berry Deep / Drop, he shows a modern and organic style of house that makes him a perfect fit for the Berlin-based label.
   “Berry Deep” is true to its name: subtle, plodding and atmospheric, driven by an elliptical vocal bit. Much like Ultrastretch’s past releases (or old Perlon records for that matter), it’s the tiny, meticulous details that breath life into this one, like the bubbling major chords competing with the mournful strings, or the ghostly, almost imperceptible Marvin Gaye samples (“Hey brother! What’s happenin….”). “Drop” brings the energy up a notch without losing its subtle touch. The drums are punchier and have a bit more momentum, but the tone is still somehow hushed. This time Marvin takes center stage, with lines from “Inner City Blues” strewn across the track.
   The EP’s remix comes from Rhadoo, a core member of Romania’s a:rpia:r crew (along with Raresh and Petre Inspirescu) and a past guest at Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch parties at Club der Visionäre. His microhouse “restyle” of “Berry Deep” gives the original a trippy edge, plus a bit more club-friendly oomph.


[LEET004] Akiko Kiyama – Where Are My Shoes? EP

Akiko Kiyama ‎– Where Are My Shoes? EP
31337 Records
Catalog#: LEET004
Format: Vinyl, 12″ – 5X File, Mp3 EP
Country: Germany
Vinyl Released:  2nd May, 2012
Digital Released:  6th June, 2012

Anaesthesulf [7:12]

 We Are Tubes Inner Tubes (feat. Lisokot) [6:32]

 Gavotte II [7:57]

 Gavotte II (Bruno Pronsato Remix) [7:32]

5: Take Your Skeleton In The Closet (Digital Bonus) [7:02]

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Mastered By – Pheek
New black gold is on the way! 31337 Records‘ first vinyl for this year: Where Are My Shoes EP, by Japan‘s minimal techno queen Akiko Kiyama, including a fantastic remix by Mr. Bruno Pronsato. An outstanding release full of abstract minimal techno goodies ready to hit the clubs. Punchy bass lines on top of rhythmic percussions, exposing a twisted dark tale on the hunt for lost shoes. Her new EP starts off with Anaesthesulf, a well arranged DJ tool, repetitive but complex. Well-structured patterns surrounded by lots of hats, percussions and playful melodies. Followed by the second track called We Are Tubes Inner Tubes, a real dancefloor killer for the early morning hours. Trippy percussions, seemingly foreign vocals by Lisokot and twisted sample cuts topped with well selected effects give this tune the perfect shape. 

The B side continues with Gavotte II, a dark and pounding track with lots of variation and freaky soundsemerging seamlessly from the background. Mysterious melodies, a bouncy snare and occasional vocal cuts perfectly aligned in front of a pumping bassline. The last track is a remix of Gavotte II by Bruno Pronsato who introduces a lot of melodic bits and samples, turning the track into a new interesting direction. Creatively built sound structures, cleverly arranged with a variety of new elements and headed by a funky beat. On the digital release, we‘ve included a bonus track named Take Your Skeleton In The Closet. Another well-built production with an mysteriously obscure melody emerging between a rolling beat, full of interesting elements. The whole release is an impressive piece of art, that shouldn‘t be missing in any DJ bag! From Berlin to Tokyo – see you barefoot on the dancefloor!

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[DIAL063] Lawrence – Etoile Du Midi

Lawrence – Etoile Du Midi
Label: Dial
Catalog#: DIAL063
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Ger
Released: May 2012

Etoile Du Midi


Creator (Final Call)

Almost four years after his last Dial Record single >Miles< Lawrence is back with another tribute to the sun. In the meantime he was still busy with a couple of releases for Mule Musiq, Laid, Smallville and Dj Koze’s Pampa imprint. His first mix cd >Timeless< has been recorded lately for Cocoon Recordings. Coming home to his own imprint prooves once more how modern House Music should sound like: deep, moving and always surprising. Etoile du Midi already travelled around the globe including Tokyo, London, Berlin and Hamburg to finally being cut on vinyl after bringing the magic to all those lovely clubs worldwide

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[POM028] LD Nero – Warehouse Dew

L.D. Nero – Warehouse Dew
Label: Pomelo
Catalog#: POM028
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: Apr 2012

Warehouse Dew Part 1

Warehouse Dew Part 2

B2: Warehouse Dew Part 3

Copyright (c) – Pomelo
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Pomelo
Producer – L.D. Nero*

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[MINIBAR026] Audio Werner – Rushograph EP

Audio Werner – Rushograph EP
Label: Minibar
Catalog#: MINIBAR026
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: May 2012


B: Anytime

We are proud and happy to welcome Audio Werner once again, introducing the Rushograph EP, his second release on Minibar. Wether you just split your toes on a corner, or cops are chasing you, or you lost your phone yesterday night or whatever else happened to you, those tracks will get you back to baseline.

[SNORK#53] Jens Zimmermann – We Transfer

Jens Zimmermann – We Transfer
Label: Snork Enterprise
Catalog#: SNORK#53
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: Apr 2012

A: 5-FX

B: Traxxx08

Credits:Written-By, Producer – Jens Zimmermann
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Snork Enterprises
Copyright (c) – Snork Enterprises
Distributed By – Straight Distribution

[PERL91] Ricardo Villalobos – Any Ideas

Ricardo Villalobos – Any Ideas
Label: Perlon
Catalog#: PERL91
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: Apr 2012

A: Any Ideas

B: Emilio (2nd minimooonstar)

Two new tracks on this 12inch by Ricardo Villalobos…a pretaste of his upcoming full lenght album, scheduled for summer 2012.

[MM012] Conrad Schnitzler – Zug (Reshaped And Remodeled)

Conrad Schnitzler – Zug (Reshaped And Remodeled by Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer)

Label: M=Minimal
Catalog#: MM-012
Format: Vinyl, 12″ – Cd, Album
Country: Germania
Released: 14 Mag 2012

Vinyl Tracklist:
Zug – Aktion Mix [19:21]

Zug – Sorgenkind Mix [14:09]

Cd Tracklist:
Zug – Aktion Mix

Zug – Sorgenkind Mix

3. Zug – Reshaped By Pole

Zug – Remixed By Borngräber & Strüver

5. Zug – Cassette Concert by Gen Ken Montgomery

All music composed by Conrad Schnitzler ‐ Ricardo Villalobos ‐ Max Loderbauer
published by Studio.Wannsee / flowing.de
Original mastering: Loderbauer & Villalobos ‐ CD mastering: Studio.Wannsee
Pole Mix mastered by Kassian Troyer ‐ borngräber & strüver Mix mastered by Pole @ Scape mastering
Cover artwork: Christian Borngräber ‐ Cover photography: Jens Strüver

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