[TRM029] Fumiya Tanaka – 20th EP

toremaArtists & Title: Fumiya Tanaka – 20th EP
Torema Records
12″ Vinyl + CD

Fumiya Tanaka – “1999”
B. Fumiya Tanaka – “Do Op To Far”

Written by Fumiya Tanaka in 1999.
  This release for the label 20th anniversary include tracks from 1990′s.
Both tracks unreleased only played few times of the data.
  Include bonus sampler CD from 90′s torema records released already track.
This selection feeling a breath of beginning of the label.


[HB003] BirdsMakingMachine – BirdsMakingMachine EP

bmmArtists: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BirdsMakingMachine EP
Format: Vinyl Only
Label: Half Baked Records
Cat.: HB003
Release: 2013


For its third chapter, Half Baked Records presents an EP from the producers collective of BirdsMakingMachine. The Birds stay true to their sound, a clever balance between ethereal atmospheres and swinging minimal house production.
The first track of the A side, “King Pulga”, is a special futuristic piece, elegantly balancing trippy heady melodies, a driving groove and melancholic chords, a true journey.
The second track, “Gnip Gnop”, is a stripped down jazzy tool with a more classic deep house approach, multi layered fxs and delayed chords that will hypnotize you.
Remix duty comes from Japanese Techno don, Fumiya Tanaka, scrambling and relocking the elements in a clockwork groove that will no doubt unfold his full potential on club systems.

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[TRM028] Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown Possibilities 3

Artists & Title:
  Fumiya Tanaka – Unknown Possibilities 3
Label: Torema Records
Catalogue#: TRM028
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //



A collectable new vinyl has recently been released by Torema Records, the third and last of the series, named after the senses it awakes, and the experiences it produces. So get ready for ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’, the best in what a successful DJ can create, that DJ being Fumiya Tanaka, from Japan.

A techno veteran indeed, one that some may call the melting pot of club culture, mixing that unique funk beauty with unbelievable electronic creativity, delivered straight from his famous marathon sets, Fumiya Tanaka is both a producer and a DJ. And not any kind of a DJ, but one that collaborated with Ricardo Villalobos.

Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’ takes the tracks of ‘Sundance’ 2008 and turns them into a re-mastered piece of vinyl insanity. And with so much beat power, on this sort of music ground, created by a DJ likeFumiya Tanaka, ‘Unknown possibilities 3 – 3’ qualifies as a good release from Torema.

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