[HB002] Mike Shannon – East Side Slip EP

Mike Shannon
Title: East Side Slip Ep
Format: Vinyl Only
Label: Half Baked Records
Cat.: HB002
Release: 27-May-2013


After its first installment, Half Baked Records is back with a stellar Ep where two milestones of the underground electronic music scene collide: Mike Shannon and Thomas Melchior. The original cut, crafted by Mr. Shannon, label head of Cynosure and Haunt, carries his typical sound signature; crisp swingy drums, hypnotic stabs and a haunting modulated bassline. However, this time, we venture into deep house territories rather than techno, with a jazzy delayed chord progression that will no doubt cause ruckus on the dancefloor.

On the flipside, Thomas Melchior, under his “Melchior Productions Ltd.” moniker, delivers his interpretation stripping it down to the essential. A 12 minutes minimal trippy monster that effortlessly locks you in the groove. Needless say more with these two, let the music speak.

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[NK37] Imugem Orihasam – Not For Body

Artists & Title: 
Imugem Orihasam – Not For Body
New Kanada
Oct. 2012

1. Imugem Orihasam – Embryonic Day
2. Imugem Orihasam – Grey Level Version
3. Imugem Orihasam – Deposits (Edit)
4. Imugem Orihasam – Dance 2
5. Imugem Orihasam – Not For Body
6. Imugem Orihasam – Bronpo

Mastered by Jay Hodgson
“But this has become your skin, and as you leave you recognize this.”
– Ondaatje

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