Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 005 Label: DeDormitor Catalogue#: DDN005 Date: 2013 Format: Free file .wav / .flac Country: Ro Tracklist: A. Suciu – Dexter Si Pianul B. Suciu – Dexter Si Rotunda Credits: Suciu’s throbbing acid cuts briefly describe his bohemian personality and his pure passion for this type of music. The epic tale of “Dexter Si Pianul” is a contradicting … Continua a leggere


Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 004 Label: DeDormitor Catalogue#: DDN004 Date: Apr. 2013 Format: Free file .wav / .flac Country: Ro Tracklist: A. Mistor – Soar B. Mistor – As We Go (Live Version) C. Mistor – As We Go (De Dormitor Remix) Credits: Release/catalogue number: DDN-004 Release date: Apr 1, 2013 The set “de dormitor – 004” by de dormitor is licensed under a Creative Commons … Continua a leggere


Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 003 Label: DeDormitor Catalogue#: DDN003 Date: Jan. 2013 Format: Free file .wav / .flac Country: Ro Tracklist: A. Dave – Music Talks B. Dave – Music Talks (Ovidiu Andrei Reconstruction) Credits: We are proud to present Dave (David Viscu), our newest colleague, and dear friend from Iasi (Romania). His track, ‘Music Talks’, teleports the listener on a … Continua a leggere


Artists & Title: DE DORMITOR 002 Label: DeDormitor Catalogue#: DDN002 Date: Oct. 2012 Format: Free file .wav / .flac Country: Ro Tracklist: 1. Drt / Pshrmn – Magnetic Dub 2. Drt / Pshrmn – Si Mai Pur 3. Ovidiu Andrei – Concret 4. Ovidiu Andrei – Space In Time Credits: Magnetic Dub is a club-oriented sound scape inspired from the northern lights. … Continua a leggere