[RBDIGI11] Cockney Lama – Street Grooves EP

rbdigi11Artists: Cockney Lama
Title: Street Grooves EP
Cat.: RBDIGI11
Format: Digital, Mp3
Release: 2014


Originally from Thessaloniki in Greece and now based in Hackney, East London, Cockney Lama brings a little French flair to his repertoire as he joins Phil Weeks’ Robsoul Recordings. His four track Street Grooves EP is packed fully of jacking beats, funky basslines and filters that hark back to late 90’s French House. It is released on 25th April through Robsoul’s digital only imprint.
Cockney Lama was influenced throughout the 90’s by DJs such as Alister Whitehead, Carl Cox, DJ Sneak, Tall Paul and A Guy Called Gerald who all helped introduce him to Techno & Tech House sounds. As well as playing parties across Greece he has also worked as a radio producer.
He describes his sound as, “mixing tech sounds and soul vocals with fat baselines, always with my love for old-school sounds in mind.”
The sound has scored him releases for Monique Musique (including remixes by Stimming and Alex Celler), Baile Musik and Natural Rhythm.
DJ Mag heaped high praise on his previous single ‘Losing Like A Man’, “A glorious piece of electronic composition. Moody, techy, atmospheric, glisteningly-produced, ‘Losing Like A Man’ is that type of house that you hear all too little of these days. A brilliant release, and no mistake.”


[TRESOR262] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland

[TRESOR262A] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 1/3
[TRESOR262B] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 2/3
[TRESOR262C] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 3/3
12″ Vinyl

[TRESOR262A] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 1/3
A. Electric Garden (Original Mix)
B. Electric Garden (Deep Jazz In The Garden Mix)

[TRESOR262B] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 2/3
A. Footprints
B. Mars Garden

[TRESOR262C] Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald – Borderland 3/3
A. Digital Forest
B1. Treehouse
B2. Afterlude

*After more than two decades of behind the scenes collaboration Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland – their debut collaborative album to be released this summer on Tresor Records.
*The album – made up of 8 sequences, which seamlessly blend the styles of both masters – was recorded at the beginning of 2013 over various studio sessions in Berlin and will be released as a series of three 12″s and a CD album.
*Limited to 500 units, pressed on heavy vinyl and packed in hefty sleeves, Electric Garden is the main recurring theme in Borderland, developed on this first EP in two different mixes.

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[CMC171D] The Digital Kid vs The World feat. Pezzner – Shooting Star

classicArtists & Title: The Digital Kid vs The World feat. Pezzner – Shooting Star
Label: Classic Music Company
Catalogue#: CMC171D
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: London/Chicago


Out: 18/03/13 – Following on from his experiments in analogue and digital music, The Digital Kid returns with co-hort Pezzner in tow with the release of ‘Shooting Star’. Originally a cut from the ‘Minor Analogue Experiment’ long player, now re-crafted and reshaped into something squarely focused on the dancefloor, with a fresh remix from UK deep house duo Deep Space Orchestra along for the trip.

Minor Analogue Experiment: http://www.beatport.com/release/minor-analogue-experiment/1018450
Minor Digital Experiment: http://www.beatport.com/release/minor-digital-experiment/996954

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[POM32] Bad Cop Bad Cop – Wings Of Techno

pomeloArtists & TitleBad Cop Bad Cop – Wings Of Techno
Label: Pomelo
Catalogue#: POM32
Date: Feb. 2013
Format: Double 12″ + CD, Digital
Country: Austria


Bad Cop Bad Cop are underground veteran Alex Cortex (XX Badcop) and glam-tech-hero Lopazz (ZZ Badcop), both well-established producers and perfomers for many years with top-credentials on smaller and bigger imprints alike. So different they are in their respective solo-projects, so indistinguishably they melt their unique visions into one flow of effervescent creativity when they hit the studio or stage together.

Bad Cop Bad Cop’s music is deeply rooted in early to mid-nineties techno, house, and electronica but at the same time peeps through wormholes into the future. Their music encompasses many styles beyond electronic music without ever losing its focus on the dancefloor. Driving, roaring, epic, and cosmic are all apt descriptions of their sound, but so would be jacking, funny, surreal and -above all- alien. A typical trip to Bad-Cop-Land is a full on crash through a psychedelic wall of sound that has to be experienced rather than understood.

Celia Green once wrote “astonishment is the only realistic emotion”. When listening to one of Bad Cop Bad Cop’s records or seeing them in concert be prepared for a good package of that, as they have made it their trademark to surprise their audiences and to lure them into otherwordly and mind-bending audio-stories.

Now, the ever-reliable Pomelo label brings you Bad Cop Bad Cop’s debut album “Wings of Techno”. It’s a trippy puzzle of styles and moods that blends the most absurdly divergent tracks effortlessly into one coherent piece of intriguing musicality. Homelisteners will cherish it for its completeness while DJs will love the surplus value of this package. Bad Cop Bad Cop certainly show us that variety still goes a long way. Here’s where the wings come into play and take you, the listener, where you want to go.

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Thorsteinssøn – DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dubs)

Artists & Title: Thorsteinssøn – DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dubs)
Solar Industry
Catalogue#: //
1 Nov. 2012

1. DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dub A)
2. DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dub B)
3. DONT THEY KNOW (Tommy Vicari Jnr. Dub C)

Sheffield’s Tommy Vicari Jnr. dubs the ‘DONT THEY KNOW’ release by Thorsteinssøn . This has resulted in an LP that stands on its own with 3 excellent, deep and timeless tracks. Beautiful moody techno at its best!!
released 01 November 2012
‘DONT THEY KNOW’ Original version by Thorsteinssøn

[ESHU004] SYS – Monocle EP

ESHU Records
Date: Dec. 2012
12″ Vinyl Black (250 handnumbered copies) / Digital

A. Nocturnal (original mix)
AA. Monocle (original mix)
B. Nocturnal (Norman Nodge remix)

ESHU001/ ESHU – Maan EP
ESHU002/ V/A – Palette EP
ESHU003/ ESHU – Timeless EP
ESHU004/ SYS – Monocle EP

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[CADENZA80] Valentino kanzyani – Love & Gratitude EP2

Valentino kanzyani – Love & Gratitude EP2
Artists: Valentino Kanzyani
Catalog#: CADENZA80
Format: 12″ Vinyl, File .mp3
Country: Suisse
Released: Sept 2012


The first track ‘Mirvan’ is the heaviest cut on the EP, and has a tension and vibe similar to the raw rhythms that Berghain residents Ben Klock or Marcel Dettmann might play at the Berlin techno temple. When some pads fade in around the 2:30 mark, you can sense Kanzyani’s desires to coerce you into a dreamlike state. The sounds are infinite and all pervasive, like outer space, forever expanding beyond the reaches of any known logic or meaning. The beats are drowned out at points by the ever-growing black hole of sound, however the drumming is reliable and constant, like an engine that never stutters.

B1. Chanta Lopez

The second track ‘Chanta Lopez’ is more housy, with a tangible bassline and more swing in the groove. Loose claps on alternating delay patterns keep the tension high in the first part of the track, before a metallic, machine-like synth cranks into gear. Unlike ‘Mirvan’, the synth has a recognizable melody and moves with purpose. At times, the synth combinations almost turn into an acoustic guitar-like moment in the track’s only breakdown, and the resulting drop brings a welcome change in bassline pace. This is a very modern house track, and the quiet optimism of ‘Chanta Lopez’ suggests a new dawn – a light at the end of the dark tunnel – like waking up on a Tuesday morning to find a cool afterparty happening in your living room.

X1. Una Noche En Paraiso (Digital Bonus)

The third track on the EP, ‘Une Noche En Paraiso’, begins with a nonsensical series of random drum patterns, as if the producer was clicking through all of the possible drum sounds in search of the perfect one and accidentally recorded all of his beat auditions onto the track. A clicky drum groove, funky and syncopated, gets dirtier as a growling bassline is added, before Kanzyani works in some un-bridled synthesizers. As the synths grow in stature, they become floaty and magical, like a panpipe fairy leading you down a path. More orchestral sounds then join the mix, which give the track a feeling not too far away from classical music, which is odd considering the repetitive techy drums. The sense of grandeur that the melody creates, quickly dissipates as Kanzyani brings the track back to reductionist glitchy house for the remainder of its time, and in the end, ‘Une Noche En Paraiso’ is like one quick toe dip into the sublime.

ElCirculo De La Vida Dub (Digital Bonus)

The final track on the EP is a special dub version of ‘El Circulo De La Vida’, which appeared on ‘Love & Gratitude EP1’. Without the original’s weird Shamanic Spanish conversation running over the track, the cut’s beautiful and serene melody is allowed to take center stage.

Back in April, Slovenia’s Valentino Kanzyani dropped the first half of a two part underground house EP on Cadenza, titled ‘Love & Gratitude EP1’. It was his debut release on Luciano’s label, and was dark and funky for the most part, with the majority of the four tracks’ energy coming from percussion and raw beats (Kanzyani is currently working on an album for Cadenza, which will contain mainly new and unreleased tracks).

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[LEET004] Akiko Kiyama – Where Are My Shoes? EP

Akiko Kiyama ‎– Where Are My Shoes? EP
31337 Records
Catalog#: LEET004
Format: Vinyl, 12″ – 5X File, Mp3 EP
Country: Germany
Vinyl Released:  2nd May, 2012
Digital Released:  6th June, 2012

Anaesthesulf [7:12]

 We Are Tubes Inner Tubes (feat. Lisokot) [6:32]

 Gavotte II [7:57]

 Gavotte II (Bruno Pronsato Remix) [7:32]

5: Take Your Skeleton In The Closet (Digital Bonus) [7:02]

Buy on Decks.de or Beatport

Mastered By – Pheek
New black gold is on the way! 31337 Records‘ first vinyl for this year: Where Are My Shoes EP, by Japan‘s minimal techno queen Akiko Kiyama, including a fantastic remix by Mr. Bruno Pronsato. An outstanding release full of abstract minimal techno goodies ready to hit the clubs. Punchy bass lines on top of rhythmic percussions, exposing a twisted dark tale on the hunt for lost shoes. Her new EP starts off with Anaesthesulf, a well arranged DJ tool, repetitive but complex. Well-structured patterns surrounded by lots of hats, percussions and playful melodies. Followed by the second track called We Are Tubes Inner Tubes, a real dancefloor killer for the early morning hours. Trippy percussions, seemingly foreign vocals by Lisokot and twisted sample cuts topped with well selected effects give this tune the perfect shape. 

The B side continues with Gavotte II, a dark and pounding track with lots of variation and freaky soundsemerging seamlessly from the background. Mysterious melodies, a bouncy snare and occasional vocal cuts perfectly aligned in front of a pumping bassline. The last track is a remix of Gavotte II by Bruno Pronsato who introduces a lot of melodic bits and samples, turning the track into a new interesting direction. Creatively built sound structures, cleverly arranged with a variety of new elements and headed by a funky beat. On the digital release, we‘ve included a bonus track named Take Your Skeleton In The Closet. Another well-built production with an mysteriously obscure melody emerging between a rolling beat, full of interesting elements. The whole release is an impressive piece of art, that shouldn‘t be missing in any DJ bag! From Berlin to Tokyo – see you barefoot on the dancefloor!

More on:
31337 Records.com