[LEONE006] diferiT – Altceva LP

Artist & Title: diferiT – Altceva LP
Sept 2012
File, .mp3

1. Multul Putin
2. Prin Parti
3. Extremitati
4. Mai De Dans
5. Muzica Urbana
6. Floare De Cires
7. Si Mai De Dans
8. Visand

G Funk aka Cosmin Grigoriu, discovered his passion for music from an early age when he was guided by his parents to take piano and clarinet lessons in the School of Arts in Roman. At the age 14 , starts going to the local clubs. Seeing the resident DJs play music ,he quickly falls in love with this hobby getting to play frequently in some clubs where he goes regularly. At 15 he is invited to be resident at a new club opened in the city. This was the first step towards his rise. In the winter of 2010, he begins working on his own musical projects, signing an EP on the very first day of 2011 with 26 TeaDrops International in Russia. Seeing that his work is appreciated he tries harder and harder and manages to get different EPs on various labels under the name G Funk and KosmynG. In 2012 he start to produce under diferiT. The year of 2012 ,come with some gigs around the country,and with some new projects with Libe,Octave,Dubsons, and also start a collective named Trin Kollectiv with Lumieux and Ricu. His work are supported by Nastia , Kurmyshev,Razaar, Jay Bliss,Terje Bakke,Curl Menghi and many many people.

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