Cosmo session 029 guest Lowris

lowrisPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: Cosmo session 029 guest Lowris
Profile: Cosmo Records
Date: 10 Dec. 2012
Time: 01:46:35

Cosmo sessions by Adil Hiani & guests, guest of the week Lowris (Æternum Music, Concrete) 11-12-12

Immersed in the environment of electronic music since his teenage years, Lowris is a young self-made man. Only 24 years old, this sound engineer evolved from being a simple producer to a talented label manager. He takes part in the management of several Parisian imprints as his own white label, his new label Aeternum Music, or his friend’s project Crazy jack.

[COSMO005] Mambotur – Elemental Remixes Ep 1

Mambotur – Elemental Remixes Ep 1 Label: Cosmo Records
12″ Vinyl
Released: Aug 2012

 Planes (Ricardo Villalobos Mix)
B1. Planes (Masomenos Mix)
B2. Planes (Original Mix)

It s been a while we ve been hearing from Argenis Brito and Pier Bucci, teaming up as MAMBOTUR. The originals features a nice fusion of classic south american “LATINO” elements with a lil electronic dip. This means a verrrry relaxante combinacion! AIAIAIAI! …or so. The remixes delivered are – foreseeably – more on the electronic side: Masomenos squeeze a non 4 to the floor groove oout of the original and intensify the track for the dancefloor, whilst “the man himself” Ricardo Villalobos (do i need to write down his full name actually) shows what happens when he is boarding the MAMBOTUR plane. Better fasten ur seatbelts clubbers and clubberettes for this epic…. ehm… journey.