[VCLUB0206] Pier Bucci – Canto Libre (Soul Capsule Remixes)


[VCLUB0206] Pier Bucci – Canto Libre (Soul Capsule Remixes)
Vinyl Club records
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Released: 2013

A. Soul Capsule Blues Mix – Canto Libre 
B. Soul Capsule Vibe Mix – Canto Libre 

Vinyl Club and Maruca joining forces to present the Soul Capsule remixes (aka Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford) of Pier Buccis track >Canto Libre< released in his last album > Amigo< on Maruca Music in 2010. Result is a total must have, a future classic to cautiously save forever… Both remixes are timeless hypnotic 15 minutes deep journeys by the Soul Capsul at their very best

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