[BMM004] BirdsMakingMachine – BMM004

Artists: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BMM004
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: BirdsMakingMachine
Cat.: BMM004
Release: 2014


Keeping in line with the trademark birdsmakingmachine sound, comes the fifth release on
their self-entitled label: BMM 004. With a more straight-to-the-point approach than its
predecessor, the EP starts off on the dance floor, with rumbling bass lines and heavy
metallic snares juggling with effects-laden delicacies on the A1’s “Ahora Vengo”. The
arrival of “Ash but not Arthur” on the A2 calms things down bit and takes the listener for
a gentle journey through ambient pads and cleverly swinging hi hats, while on the flip,
things get a little more bouncy in “Oscar’s Critical Jack”, which is mostly due to the fact
its main ingredient – the solid playful bass line – blends effortlessly with the higher
frequency ‘spices’, keys, strings and rhythmic parts. The end credits roll down with
“Bonfume”, another relatively smooth yet jacking swinger that could either be used to
kick it up a notch in a warm-up set or be danced to while finding yourself at an afterhour.