[BMM05] birdsmakingmachine – BMM 05

bmm004Artists: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BMM005
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: BirdsMakingMachine
Cat.: BMM005
Release: 2014

A1. Icaros
B1. Inland Sickness

Marking a difference with the previous releases, the sixth chapter of the birdsmakingmachine saga comes as a two-tracker, announcing a special double pack that will be divided between BMM005 and BMM006. The A-side of BMM 005, >Icaros<, is an elegant dancefloor warmer that encompasses all the signature ingredients of the birds, dreamy pads, jazzy hi-hats, metallic percussive elements and quirky Fx touches. On the flip side we find >Inland Sickness<, a slightly darker affair fusing together eerie pads, whooshing sound effects, forming an intricate net of sound layers with a refined industrial touch but still bringing the pressure to the floor with a solid drum pattern. BMM 005 is yet another example of the Birds’ ability to craft miniature grooves with an attitude.

[BMM003] BirdsMakingMachine – BMM003


Artists: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BMM003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: BirdsMakingMachine
Cat.: BMM003
Release: 2013

Hot on the heels of BMM 002 comes the latest instalment of the birdsmakingmachine series – BMM 003 – a package combining their signature sine-bass laden grooves, steel drums and oblique melodies. >Antonios Swing<, as the title indicates, literally swings listeners into its rhythm with dark vocal snippets layered onto soft stabs and eerie melodies. >Woodpeckers<, on the a2, takes a more linear approach, an effective dj-friendly tool that will please dancefloors in the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning. On the flip, in >Silk Road< we find a captivating, yet mysteriously funky minimal house affair that builds and builds until finally erupting following the break. The EP is rounded-off with >Dead Lines<, a broken themed galloping of bass kicks fused into moody melodies and reverberated far cries, resembling a genuine excavation into the depths of house music – another example that the Birds are always trying to redefine the genres boundaries.

[HB003] BirdsMakingMachine – BirdsMakingMachine EP

bmmArtists: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BirdsMakingMachine EP
Format: Vinyl Only
Label: Half Baked Records
Cat.: HB003
Release: 2013


For its third chapter, Half Baked Records presents an EP from the producers collective of BirdsMakingMachine. The Birds stay true to their sound, a clever balance between ethereal atmospheres and swinging minimal house production.
The first track of the A side, “King Pulga”, is a special futuristic piece, elegantly balancing trippy heady melodies, a driving groove and melancholic chords, a true journey.
The second track, “Gnip Gnop”, is a stripped down jazzy tool with a more classic deep house approach, multi layered fxs and delayed chords that will hypnotize you.
Remix duty comes from Japanese Techno don, Fumiya Tanaka, scrambling and relocking the elements in a clockwork groove that will no doubt unfold his full potential on club systems.

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[NEST00] Ivel Tax – Nest00

nestArtists & Title:  Ivel Tax – Nest00
Disco Birds
File .mp3

Coana Mare
2. Deepza
3. Kapra
4. Scapat

Nest is a new place where music is born. This is the first part, ground zero, with four tracks from Ivel Tax.
released 09 January 2013

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