[CABARET003] Binh – Downtown EP

CABARET3Artists: Binh
Title: Downtown EP
Cat.: CABARET003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release: 2014


Binh [ Solid-AM ] – EDGE promo mix

binhPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: Binh [ Solid-AM ] – EDGE promo mix
Profile: WeAreEDGE
Date: 2013
Time: 01:02:32

In a relatively short time, the name Binh has become almost synonymous with the sounds of modern underground Berlin. But it was the training the Düsseldorf native received throughout the country that allowed him to hone tastes and skills before arriving in the capital to claim a stake in its bustling music scene.
One would be hard-pressed to find an artist with as elegant a taste and as solid a work ethic as Binh, and it is indeed a victory for the music scene when hard work and a loyalty to one’s own style are rewarded with the popularity this artist gains more and more each day.