[UNR002] Andrey Zots – Sweet Spot EP


Artists & Title: Andrey Zots – Sweet Spot EP
Label: Unreleased
Catalogue#: UNR002
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Belgium


Here is the second release from the Belgium-Based only vinyl label Unreleased. A sophisticated mixture with 2 tracks from Andrey Zots and a remix of Cabanne.

Francesco Del Garda for Kontrast

fdgkontrastPlatform: Soundcloud
Title: Francesco Del Garda for Kontrast
Profile: kontrastbelgium
Date: 12 Feb. 2013
Time: 01:01:19

▼ Mix by Francesco Del Garda for Kontrast ▼
On 16/03/13 he will be playing at Kontrast together w/ Petre Inspirescu, Bruni, Wolters & Bart
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/430001057074887/
Kontrast: www.facebook.com/kontrastbelgium

[MMLP038] Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3 (3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD)

rhArtists & Title: Robert Hood – MOTOR: NightTime World 3
Label: Music Man Records
Catalogue#: MMLP038
Date: Dec. 2012
Format: 3x 12″ LP, 180Gr. Vinyl Incl. CD
Country: Belgium


Following recent Music Man cd’s from Petar Dundov and Marcel Dettmann, we now welcome one of Detroit’s finest, Robert Hood. After the legendary Nighttime World Volume 1 and Nighttime World Volume 2, we are proud to be able to present you the long awaited “Motor: Nighttime World 3” on Music Man!
With “Motor: Nighttime World 3” Robert Hood returns to the project he first started on Austria’s Cheap label back in 1995 and subsequently continued in 2000 on M-Plant. Fusing his trademark minimal techno into jazz inspired moods and inflections, Hood emerges from the smoke-lit shadows of a downbeat, but not beaten, Motor City metropolis. Inspired by Julien Temple’s documentary ‘Requiem For Detroit?’ Robert Hood examines the life, history and future of Detroit’s motor industry and its workforce, set against a backdrop of decay, despair, hope and re-birth. More on http://www.musicmanrecords.net

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