Barac – “Verniana Ep” – Pressure Traxx 011


Pressure Traxx presents ▪ PTX 011

Barac – “Verniana Ep”
A. “Superlate Check In”
B1. “Verniana
B2. “Minem Monem”

Release Info:

For Pressure Traxx011, we are really pleased
to welcome one of our favourite artists to the label.
Barac first caught our attention as a member of the romanian supergroup Noi Doi, but he decided to go solo to perfect his vision of the finest electronic music.
Having already released on some of the coolest record labels and with an ever presence in the record bags of your favourite DJ’s. It is with much anticipation that we present Barac and his first EP on Pressure Traxx. His Verniana EP is due to be released in April 2015 in a record shop near you!

In 2012 Frost and Einzelkind joined forces to release the Pressure.
No tricks, no gimmicks. Just raw beats and basslines from the depths of Frankfurt and Offenbach. No bandwagon blues, no sounds-alike songs. Pressure Traxx does exactly what it says on the tin. More Pressure, more Traxx.


Release date: April 2015
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[MTRZ003] Barac – Variety Of Different Feelings EP

Artists & Title: 
Barac – Variety Of Different Feelings EP
Label: Metereze
Catalogue#: MTRZ03
Date: 2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Ro



Praslea & Barac @ Udopiya – 05.07.13 … Udopiya party with Praslea, Barac, Hisham (live) and the Kontrast crew (Bart, Bruni & Wolters)

Barac @ Udopiya ♪♫ – 05.07.13 … Udopiya party with Praslea, Barac, Hisham (live) and the Kontrast crew (Bart, Bruni & Wolters)

[NAU002] Barac – Voyetra EP

Barac – Voyetra EP
Label: Naural
Catalog#: NAU002
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Ro
Released:  2013


Barac, half of NoiDoi duo project, steps up for his first solo release and the second Naural record. Side A features title track “Voyetra”, which warmly brings a subtle musical touch, closer to the ears. Side B’s “Drone” redirects the raw bass lines, providing a deeply hypnotic state, in which the senses get bombarded with a heightened perception for music.

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