[ASC4] MELCHIOR PRODUCTIONS ltd presents. FAMILY OF LOVE – Dysfunctional EP

melchiorArtists & Title: MELCHIOR PRODUCTIONS ltd presents. FAMILY OF LOVE – Dysfunctional EP
Catalogue#: ASC4
Date: Dec. 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: //

A1. The Call
A2. Everything Ok
B1. The Bow
B2. Soon

big 4 tracker with a long long playtime more than 30 minutes … great to listen great to play … first time only on vinyl available… A classic 4 tracker ep on Thomas Melchior s own imprint. Stripped down, intense and intimate fairytale tracks packed with subtle female vocals leave you w/ ur mouth wide open…a1 -the call-: that s one of the best ways to start ur day listening to this plain uplifting house vibes and grooves..wrapped in silk.. a2 -everything ok-: those vocals and synth start to weave around you..stripped dub beats..then b1 -the bow- lifts you up again with subtle synths and strings..nice snare programming..b2 -soon- is the grande finale..half ambient with an oh so powerful reprise..siren like vocals.. irresistable.

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