[TVJR1] Tommy Vicari Jr. – Tommy Vicari Jr. EP Pt. 1

Tommy Vicari Jr. – Tommy Vicari Jr. EP Pt. 1
320KB Music
Catalog#: TVJR1
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Country: Italy
Released: May 2013

A. Tommy Vicari Jr. – A. Ancemani Dub (5:04)
“Tommy Vicari Jr.’s latest release opens up like a train pulling out of the station on a single track, with beats that pass through a tunnel that exits into the great horizon of sound.  Side “A” features a dub techno upbeat that evolves with each additional drum element accompanied by a simple yet contagious filtered melodic synth.  Just when you thought this was your stop to get off the train, TVJR strips it back to the skeletal core allowing the nucleus of the kick drum to echo without any distraction as we depart back into the horizon of this full soundscape only to leave those who couldn’t handle the ride behind in the dust” (Brandy Eve) 

B1. Tommy Vicari Jr. – B1. Stap V Dub (6:54)
“As we get off the “A” train, we turn to side “B” and begin a heavy journey taking us back to somewhere around Detroit days where the beat metastasizes into a combination of filtered symbols accompanied by a simple kick with subtle bass lines.  It’s basic elements fuse together creating a forceful sound that could put any dance floor into a moving trance” (Brandy Eve)

B2. Tommy Vicari Jr. – B2. Notions Pt. 1 (5:53)
“The second track on side “B”, TVJR ties this whole experience together with a nostalgic melody and deep bass over a beat that won’t let you sit still.  It’s the kind of song you listen to just when the sun is coming out and all the night’s memories are summed up in this one track.  You look around, everyone moving, got your sunglasses on but you can all still see deep inside one another” (Brandy Eve)


Tommy Vicari Jr. EP Pt. 1 (200 Limited Copies)
Published By  320KB
Distributed By  320KB


Thanks to Brandy Eve and OnceWasNow

Bandcamp: http://320kbmusic.bandcamp.com/album/tommy-vicari-jr-ep-pt-1

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