[PERLON96] Half Hawaii – All Over

Half Hawaii – All Over Label: Perlon Catalog#: PERLON96 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Released: 2013 Tracklist: A. Half Hawaii – All Over B. Half Hawaii – NYC Town Car Credits: Two Brand-new Songs By Half Hawaii. The Band Of Sammy Dee And Bruno Pronsato. Get your copy!

[AIBLACK012] TC Studio – Lips Break EP

Artists & Title: TC Studio – Lips Break EP Label: AllInn Black Catalogue#: AIBLACK012 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Tracklist: Credits: VINYL ONLY, LIMITED COPIES The romanian duo; TC Studio rolls the second blast on All Inn Black series. The real heavyweight monster “Point Break” makes a perfect marriage with the soulful singer “Lips”. This material is good as hell. … Continua a leggere

[ALLINN018] Onur Özer – Mormarch

Onur Özer – Mormarch Label: All Inn Records Catalog#: ALLINN018 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: Vinyl Only, Limited Copies !! Onur Özer is back! After a two years of silence returns on All Inn with his brand new EP, called Mormarch. Unique and pure minimalism, gently modulated atmospheres spiced with repetitive and playful dynamism. Perfect work … Continua a leggere

[ALLINN017] Easy Changes – Plastic Soul EP

Artists & Title: Easy Changes – Plastic Soul Ep Label: AllInn Records Catalogue#: ALLINN017 Date: Jan. 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Tracklist: A1. Easy Changes – Plastic Soul A2. Easy Changes – Friendshiphouse B1. Easy Changes – Keerhza B2. Easy Changes – Soviet Onion Credits: This duo techno project of (Denis Cast, Kilrill Sil) as we know by the name of Easy Changes, who made … Continua a leggere

[AIBLACK010] Phrasis Veteris – Humble Ep

Artists & Title: Phrasis Veteris – Humble Ep Label: All Inn Black Catalogue#: AIBLACK010 Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ro Tracklist: A1. Phrasis Veteris – Drastic A2. Phrasis Veteris – Transition B1. Phrasis Veteris – Saturday Track B2. Phrasis Veteris – Humble Credits: Celebrating the 10th piece of All Inn Black series Phrasis Veteris show their real talent by the tools of neverending rolling … Continua a leggere

[ALLINN016] Coldfish – The Invisibles EP

Artists & Title: Coldfish – The Invisibles EP Label: All Inn Records Catalogue#: ALLINN016 Date: Nov. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl, 300 copies Country: Ro Tracklist: A1. Coldfish – Silent Bastard B1. Coldfish – Lumiere B2. Coldfish – Tools for Mr. Wells Credits: VINYL ONLY, LIMITED TO 300 COPY, NO REPRESS Coldfish returns with his second EP on All Inn – called “The … Continua a leggere

[RST-LP001] Third Side – Unified Fields (2LP)

Artists & Title: Third Side – Unified Fields Label: Restoration Catalogue#: RST-LP001 Date: Oct. 2012 Format: 2 x 12″ Vinyl Country: Berlin Tracklist: 1. Third Side – The Absolute 2. Third Side – Jackie (with nd_baumecker) 3. Third Side – The Base Of All Matters 4. Third Side – Gauge Fields 5. Third Side – Unity 6. Third Side – Subsequent … Continua a leggere

[UQ-047] DJ Jus-Ed is 50ty and Lookin’ Good!

DJ Jus-Ed is 50ty and Lookin’ Good! Label: UQ Artists: Dj Jus-Ed Catalog#: UQ047 Format: CD Album, File Country: US Released: Sept 2012 Tracklist: 1. Marylandjam dtp 2. Project45 3. The Favor 4. All I Want To Do (Part.2) 5. PJ-255 GV Room 6. Becky’s Jam (Part.2) 7. Ohmy 8. Techno Dance 9. All I Want To Do 10. GV 255 … Continua a leggere

[AIBLACK009] Priku – Zori De Zi EP

Priku – Zori De Zi EP Label: All Inn Black Artists: Priku Catalog#: AIBLACK009 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Romania Released: Oct 2012 Tracklist: A. Priku – Morning Haze B. Priku – Spiritu Haret Credits: Priku delivers the 9th piece of All Inn Black series. Two perfectly composed long tracker come front us. “Morning Haze” sounds like a real classic; … Continua a leggere

[ALLINN015] G.Verrina & G.Ventura – Suckerfish EP

G.Verrina & G.Ventura – Suckerfish EP Label: All Inn Records Catalog#: ALLINN015 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Romania Released: 29 Aug 2012 Tracklist: Credits: Verrina and Ventura delivers the 15th piece of All Inn releases – filled by smooth, psychedelic textures and tasty tribals. Beside of the three original tracks Cristi Cons represents his beautifully composed minimalistic reinterpretation of “Suckerfish”. Quality … Continua a leggere