[IS04] Unknown – Django Unchained Pt. 1 & 2

Artists & Title: Django Unchained Pt. 1 & 2 Label: Illegal Series Catalogue#: IS04 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ita Tracklist: A. Unknown – Django Unchained Pt. 1 B. Unknown – Django Unchained Pt. 2 Credits: Illegal Series is back on the shelves with another slice of bootleg goodness. This time is Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ to get the dancefloor treatment from an undisclosed … Continua a leggere

[MUS009] Die Roh – A Date With Barbara EP

Artists & Title: Die Roh – A Date With Barbara EP Label: MUS Catalogue#: MUS009 Date: 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Ita Tracklist: Credits: welcome die roh on mus ! veneto strikes again with this project of marco zanin and luca segato from riviera del brenta. their first release on mus “a date with barbara” is a 4 tracks ep with groovy, … Continua a leggere

[BAO042] Alex Picone – It Takes Time EP

Alex Picone – It Takes Time EP Label: Be As One Imprint  Catalog#: BAO042 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Israel Released: 2013 Tracklist: Credits: New debut on Be As One, from a well respected and talented artist, who conquered critics and fans both for the quality of his tight productions and the lush sounds of his dj sets, italian born Alex … Continua a leggere

[MUS008] Alex Picone – Minimalism Get Complex EP

[MUS008] Alex Picone – Minimalism Get Complex EP Label: MUS Records Catalog#: MUS008 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: // Released: 2013 Tracklist: A1. Surrealist B1. Fiction B2. Abstract Credits: // Get your copy

[R2P009] Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen – Lemonade Beach

Artists & Title: Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen – Lemonade Beach Label: Rue de Plaisance Catalogue#: R2P009 Date: Mar. 2013 Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Paris Tracklist: Credits: On the last various artists ep, we were seduced by the Dutchmen’s music, It was clear for us to invite them for an exclusive ep. Ivano Tetelepta is no doubt one of the hottest new … Continua a leggere

[R2P008] Various Artists – Thermopyles

Artists & Title: Werner Niedermeier,  Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen, Alan Doe, Yakine – Thermopyles Label: Rue de Plaisance Catalogue#: R2P008 Date: Dec. 2012 Format: 12″ Vinyl, Limited 300 copies Country: Paris Tracklist: A1. Werner Niedermeier – Deed Riot  A2. Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen – Day by Day  B1. Alan Doe – Holy day B2. Yakine – Zarrouky Credits: Rue de Plaisance is proud to … Continua a leggere

Udopiya: Sundae & Katapult party #1 – Ricardo Villalobos & friends

Event Line up : Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Daniel Bell, Baby Ford, Cabanne, Alex & Laetitia Katapult, Céline, Roman Azzaro, Vadim Svoboda Music : Hisham – Free & Cheap Title :  Sundae & Katapult party #1 – Ricardo Villalobos & friends


Nuovo Brand, neonato ma che porta gia’ con sè dalla data di nascita uno scheletro molto importante e una vena artistica niente male. Per il primo appuntamento di WE LOVE INTERNATIONAL si alterneranno in consolle DAN ANDREI, giovane astro nascente rumeno proveniente della ormai nota famiglia a:rpia:r di Raresh e compagni, ora gia’ pronto ad … Continua a leggere