[SCUR004] Priku – Sweet Sweet Alanda EP

Label: SECOUER Records – SCUR004
Formato: 12″
Country: IT
Released: Sett 2011

Sweet Alandala
A2: Sweet Alandala (Dan Andrei Remix)
Rupt 66

Now is the time of Priku. The up and coming producer from Romania signs this 4th release on Secouer Records. This time the sound is more oriented in minimal and hypnotic arrangement. The release opens with Sweet Alandala. The first element is the sound from nature that become the perfect background for this percussive and pounding track. The groove is crispy and full of punchy elements. The bass lead you to the break in which a shrill and hypnotic voice comes out from the arrangement to push your mind out of control. The track continues with this trend until the end becoming the perfect track to move from a quiescent to excitement. Dan Andrei makes even more hypnotic this track. The result is a perfect stylish techno track but slowed to appreciate every single element of this wonderful piece of modern music. The chords are deep and pressing to give you way of thinking and take the decision…On the other side the press recorded Opal. This track is the perfect example of the importance that the repetition has in techno music. The few percussive elements are the background of a pressing bass-line. The result is a stylish track full of swing elements. The last track is “Rupt 66”. This is an experimental track full of different elements that blend together. The background is a sound recording of a jazz club that becomes the perfect texture on which a minimal arrangement full of broken rhythms define itself. The result is an e.p. sometimes wrapping and sometimes hypnotic made to be heard.