[AHD04] Fred P. – Reach EP


Artists & TitleFred P. – Reach EP
Label: A Harmless Deed
Catalogue#: AHD04
Date: 2013
Format: 12″ Vinyl


New York’s borned and raised Fred Peterkin needs no introduction to the electronic music  world. Having released on labels like Underground Quality, Strength Music, Mule Electronic and his own Soul People Music, AHD welcomes him after being fans of his music for years already and this EP is no exception to his extreme and unique quality. “Reach” on the A side is a total dancefloor burner. One of the best tracks we’ve heard lately. Keeps building from start to the end, having the peaking point when the arpeggio comes up fading in at the middle of the track. B side, “In the blue”, is the deep cut of the record and its a perfect example of Freds dubby and warm feeling. Check it out!

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